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Readers are often the only visible part of your access control system. So, the appearance and functionality of a reader can powerfully affect how your entire system is perceived. Functionality is particularly important with keypad readers. Will the reader be visible when its dark? Will it be easy for users to find the right keys and convenient to enter their pin codes? These questions are familiar to a site’s everyday users. In contrast, integrators or installers can be more concerned with other factors, e.g. how well a reader resists vandalism or endures harsh weather. Low maintenance costs are frequently their key factor. At Idesco, we recognize readers often face different criteria for success from users vs. integrators or installers. That is why we have designed several types of keypad readers.

When you consider a keypad reader for your system, it might benefit you to carefully consider what kind would best serve your system. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Keypad backlighting is important in poorly lit areas. It not only helps locate a reader but especially helps users press the right keys – regardless of keypad type. If preferred, backlighting can be configured to activate only after a tag is detected (or, in some readers, when users approach them).
  • Modern capacitive keypads don’t have moving keys, which makes them very easy to keep clean.
  • How vandal-resistant is a reader? For example, Idesco’s capacitive Quattro Pin N keypad reader has an IK durability rating of IK-10, enduring impacts up to 20 joules.
  • In contrast, non-capacitive keypads with moving keys provide users tactile feedback when they press a key. This is a particularly valuable benefit for visually-challenged users.
  • If installing outdoors, how are your site’s weather conditions? Most Idesco keypad readers tolerate temperature extremes, even as wide as – 40 °C – +55 °C. Capacitive keypad readers also possess IP67 protection class, meaning they will thoroughly resist dust and moisture.
  • What will be the dimensions of a reader’s location? Idesco’s Slim housing was designed to fit within standard doorframes, whereas Quattro readers readily fit over standard electric switchbox/hubs.
  • Display keypad readers deployed with OSDP v2 (bidirectional data transfer) provide sites and their users powerful new options. Displays not only can show personal or public messages but even let users interact with a system more robustly.

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