LogiNets & Idesco save building industry time & money

New, tightened reporting responsibilities have appeared in the Finnish building industry. Contractors are now obliged to maintain accurate records on every employee on-site…

Construction Industry RFID solution

The past few years have brought new, tightened reporting responsibilities to the Finnish building industry. The Act on Occupational Health and Safety now obliges main contractors to maintain accurate records on every employee on their building sites. Additionally, tax authorities now require monthly tax reporting to curtail tax avoidance in the building industry, which costs the country 400 – 500M€ annually. A construction industry RFID solution is now being deployed that eases and automates data collection for employees entering and exiting building sites. This solution provides huge time- and cost-savings over hand recording of such data, while simultaneously serving companies’ access control, and time and attendance needs. Finnish Tilaajavastuu has launched a specific RFID chip card, the VALTTI smart card, to ensure companies’ compliance with the Contractor’s Obligations Act and the Tax Number Act while simultaneously solving their need for compulsory employee ID cards at their worksites.

Nopsa VALTTI reader with embedded Idesco module stays on-the-job

LogiNets Oy’s Nopsa system, was developed to make data collection and reporting on construction sites much more convenient, while simultaneously prologinets_new2viding access control and time and attendance support to company’s payroll administration. LogiNets needed a VALTTI card-compatible DESFire reader module as the engine for their Nopsa VALTTI reader, a reader they planned to deploy in the harsh, outside conditions of construction sites. Idesco’s 8 CD 2.0 reader module was selected for its reliability across a wide range of temperatures and its best fit for their overall needs.

LogiNets has already deployed approximately 250 Idesco modules in their construction industry RFID systems throughout Finland, including one hundred installed in Nopsa VALTTI readers across Icopal Katto Oy’s construction sites. Icopal Katto Oy has been pleased with the Nopsa VALTTI reader and its robust performance at their construction sites. Icopal Katto’s Development Manager, Kari Lappalainen, confirms the LogiNets’s reader was the most convincing choice for their construction sites from a numerous variety of candidates, and has since amply proven its value. Installations were fast and easy – readers were up and running within a minute after taking them out of the box. “Deliveries were prompt and we had new readers ready whenever we needed them at a new site”, Kari Lappalainen added. Their new system lets Icopal easily fulfil their reporting responsibilities to authorities, while simultaneously controlling site access and managing their employees’ time and attendance records, thereby saving them time over manual data recording and reporting.

Secure DESFire module fulfilled all project requirements

Security and reliability were the most important features LogiNets needed in the reader module they would embed in their Nopsa readers. LogiNets CEO, Petri Kiianlinna explained, “Idesco’s 8 CD 2.0 reads the VALTTI card at the highest security level  0+, which supports the Random UID function. The reader is based on DESFire EV1 technology which is the most recent and, at the same time, the most secure RFID technology on the market. Data transfer is protected by encryption and, because the transponders’ technology is DESFire, they can’t be hacked or cloned. In addition to its security, the reader module’s reliability in all conditions is crucial to us. Our Nopsa VALTTI reader has a very wide operating temperature range, from minus forty up to sixty degrees (Celsius) and it’s absolutely dust and moisture proof.”

In addition to the reliability of Idesco’s 8 CD 2.0 modules, LogiNets was very satisfied with their customer service and technical support. “The expertise of Idesco’s technical support was excellent. Their deliveries were prompt and on time, ensuring our own deliveries to our customer’s construction sites were on-time. The product quality was excellent, we haven’t had to return one single reader”, Petri Kiianlinna noted.

LogiNets produces real-time software solutions and services for field force management and material control. Our customers operate, for example, in the construction, property maintenance and cleaning industries. Our solutions include access control, hour reporting, field force management and material control systems.  The company produces user-friendly, simple and flexibly maintainable solutions to meet the needs of the client. The company has solid experience in producing Internet-based, mobile and RFID /GPS based software and services. For the constructions industry access control solutions have been provided since 2004.

Icopal Oy is part of Icopal Group. The Icopal Group delivers high end products for flat and pitched roofing and offers a broad service range including installation services. Icopal’s core business are waterproofing systems with particular focus on membranes but also related building and roofing materials. Europe and North America are the main focus of business activities, but services and products are delivered worldwide.

Idesco Oy provides RFID products; access control readers and transponders, vehicle identification readers, controllers and touch screen terminal for secure and effective identification systems. Our products are collecting data and enhancing security in access control, vehicle identification and logistics applications.

Additional information:

Jari Valtonen, CEO, Idesco Oy, tel: +358 400 583 467, e-mail: firstname.surname(at)

Petri Kiianlinna, CEO, LogiNets Oy, tel: +358 50 552 7533, e-mail: firstname.surname(at)