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Henri Alajeesiö has been Idesco’s Product Manager for a year now, overseeing a wide array of responsibilities from administering the company’s product portfolio and product life span to quality control.

“Developing a new product is like assembling a puzzle”, Henri reflects. “Everything must fit together: customer needs, scheduling, product strategies, resources. We are guided first by the extra value our solution must provide a customer. That requires we recognize and protect future development options – even in the initial phases. The result is we always plan our product features to support the most flexible future development. We know the care we invest then will bring beneficial consequences later, even more important than originally imagined. It can literally transform a product solution into something more valuable than was first intended. “And since Wisdom is seldom found in just one head”, Henri quips, “We never do product development alone.”

Customers are vitally important partners. Ideas and knowledge shared with them are constantly cross-fertilized into future products through our ongoing mutual development projects. Learning what their needs are helps us both discover how Idesco products can fulfill them.

“In this work, as Product Manager, I’m constantly learning something new”, Henri reflects. “The best part is diving together into a customer’s need or problem, to find a new solution.

Henri’s free time finds him following his music hobby, also relaxing outdoors with his family – his wife and two children – skiing, skating, biking and hiking.

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