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Ari Rossi has been our Scandinavia Area Sales Manager for a few years now, serving Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Iceland.

Obviously, as a salesperson, Ari’s days are filled with describing our products and taking customers’ orders. Above that, however, Ari’s priority is being present for his customers. “I want to be easy to reach and respond quickly when they contact”, Ari describes. “I strive to be the first person they call when they need products for their own customer’s projects”, he continues. – “Of course, I always keep them up to date, but I do that from their own perspective. And they know I do.”, Ari says.

“Actually, my highest priority is helping my customer close their own deal. My job’s greatest joy has come during customer visits to solve a problem together. Perhaps we face a bit of a challenge, but then, working together, we find a solution that helps them win a deal with their own customer. I must admit – that feels good”, Ari concedes. New Idesco product launches also bring satisfaction. For example, Ari points to Idesco ID’s recent launch and its award at the SECTECH 2021. “When I saw how excited people were about our new mobile access solution, its uniqueness, I felt truly grateful and proud, Ari admits.

Ari looks forward to finally being able to visit customers more often, as pandemic restrictions recede. For now, he continues serving his customers from Muurame, in central Finland, where he lives with his wife. To counterbalance work, he practices yoga, plays golf, reads and hunts. A new addition, a wire-haired Dachshund puppy named Raffi, recently began accompanying Ari on hunts to learn how to track hares.

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