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2020 Security Awards Winner Idesco Mobile Lite

Finnish Security Awards just gave Idesco Mobile Lite its Innovation Award 2020. The award is given every year by Finnsecurity ry and Finnish security magazine, Turvallisuus-lehti.

The Security Innovation Award is conveyed to the company, organization or person who in that year developed a security solution that simplifies or enhances operations while providing significant additional value to customers.

“Idesco Mobile Lite is a simple, user-friendly innovation that makes both access and access control management easier”, says Turvallisuus-lehti’s Editor-in-Chief Timo Lahtinen, an award jury member.

Idesco Oy is most grateful for this honor and clear recognition of Idesco Mobile Lite’s user-friendliness, convenience, and security.

Idesco Mobile Lite differs from similar solutions by providing features others don’t, such as total hands-free identification that lets you enter with your phone in your pocket. It even leverages built-in phone features like security unlock, for system authentication. Most notably, it avoids cloud registration for users.

This makes Idesco Mobile Lite faster and easier to deploy, since users don’t provide personal details to a cloud service or manage userids with e-mails and passwords. Despite this, Idesco Mobile Lite is highly secure, with deep encryption protecting Bluetooth connections between phone and reader.

Three security levels protect Idesco Mobile Lite. The highest requires the phone’s own assigned security unlock protocol to authenticate. It is hard to imagine a more cost-effective way to implement biometric authentication than the built-in fingerprint authentication many phones already offer. Naturally, other unlock methods that phones provide, such as password or pattern, are also supported.

By contrast, for access points that control authenticated, but automated entry, Idesco Mobile Lite solves for that too. At automated doors, Idesco Mobile Lite’s lowest security level ensures hygienic, hands-free entry or fast egress for users’ with phones in their pockets. This level maximizes convenience while still securely authenticating privileges. It cleverly protects staff hygiene in health care settings by eliminating their contact with high traffic door triggers – while cost-effectively addressing secured entry in logistics settings.

Idesco Mobile Lite is also highly suitable for managing temporary access rights in settings like hotels. Since nearly everyone carries a phone, they provide a secure alternative to physical access cards. The ease of downloading the app and creating a phone’s ID, is matched system administrators’ ease of removing IDs once temporary privileges end.

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