Asio and Idesco ID are now compatible

Book your room online then access it with your phone

Reserve a game slot, an event, a catered meeting room, or accommodation, then pay for your reservation to get access. This is the major convenience Asio booking system provides. With Asio, identification and premises access are managed by whatever access control system the organisation you booked with uses, for example a door code.

Now, any access control system installed with Idesco’s mobile-compatible readers, can be connected with Asio. When integrated in a system, Idesco ID service will send a credential to the Asio customer’s phone (Idesco ID app required). They can then use their phone to enter the premises. “The phone provides both a secure and convenient access method”, said CEO Tom Ojala from Asio. “Access rights in phones aren’t easily shared with someone else, and we hardly ever lend our phones to someone else”.

Asio chose to integrate Idesco ID in their service because they sought to expand mobile access to their customers, having already recognized they needed to replace their former mobile access solution. They learned Idesco ID was much more flexible because you pay only for as much as you use it.

Asio was surprised next to discover how easy it was to deploy Idesco ID. “It was so rapid and convenient to integrate Idesco ID with our Asio booking system”, commented Tom Ojala. “I think the convenience was because of the very smooth, solid co-operation the Idesco team provide. They immediately answered our questions, without delays, helping us to develop everything really fast.”, he continued.

Asio’s customers are cities and municipalities, sports clubs and other organisations who provide rooms, spaces or shifts to book spaces or resources. Reservations can be made with payment, e.g. gyms or sports space providers, or without payment, such as an organisation’s meeting room times. Asio’s booking system is always used within an organisation’s webpage, with reservations and payments made within it. Asio’s booking solution integrates in a wide variety of systems and is so flexible that it is possible to book and pay for almost anything with it. The same also applies to Idesco ID, lending it immense convenience and system compatibility due to its platform-independent API integration.

Asio-Data Oy provides booking systems and online booking services for a variety of settings: schools, cities, municipalities, hall providers and arenas, sports clubs, restaurants, culture, sports and education centers, business parks, accommodation providers, parking halls, event organisers, business premise providers and similar organisations providing premises as a service. Asio lets you reserve, among others: game fields, meeting rooms, classrooms, parking slots, accommodation, restaurant services, chairs, devices, service providers, appointments, event participation, trainings, product rentals and other resources.

Idesco Oy is one of the oldest RFID companies in the world, with more than 30 years of experience. Our products are RFID readers, system controllers, touch screen RFID devices and mobile access solutions. Idesco ID concepts brings virtual access cards to phones, securely and conveniently, directly from customers’ own systems, without need to use parallel systems for mobile access management.

Demo video about Asio booking system with Idesco ID (Finnish)