Are you winter proof and secure?

Readers today differ widely in withstanding moisture, shock, extreme temps. Regardless of technology, the housing limits where it can remain reliable…

RFID readers today differ widely in their ability to withstand moisture, shock or extreme temperatures. Regardless of its technology, a reader’s housing limits in what environments you should trust it can work reliably. Since some access points are regularly exposed to harsh conditions, devices deployed there must be able to endure extremes in temperature, frost, heat, humidity or even withstand shock or vandalism. They must also always remain functional without monitoring and constant maintenance.

IP ratings reveal how well a reader withstands dust and moisture. Similarly, IK durability classification reveals its survivability against impacts. Finally, its operating temperature range lets you see its suitability to temperatures it will endure where it’s installed. These small details can have big impacts on a reader’s reliable performance.

They also can powerfully influence maintenance that is required to keep it reliably functional. For example, moving keys on a keypad reader can become obstructed by ice or dust and also offer a vulnerable target from vandalism. This is why Idesco readers are ruggedly designed to withstand harsh conditions and perform maintenance-free across a variety of settings over their much longer life-span.

Our Slim, Slim Pin, Basic, Quattro and Quattro Pin reader housings have all been designed – and rigorously tested – to meet the SFS-EN 62262 durability standard. Slim, Slim Pin and Quattro meet the durability class IK-09 standard, withstanding impacts of 10 joules. Basic and Quattro Pin meet the highest durability class of IK-10, surviving impacts of 20 joules. Most Idesco housings offer class IP67 protection, resisting dust, moisture, frost, temperature changes – they even can be immersed in water and frozen!

Winter’s coming! Make sure your site’s readers are ready:

  • IP67 protection class; housings can be immersed in water, offering full protection
  • Cold resistant down to -40 °C
  • No mechanical keys to collect frost or obstruct keys
  • Reader electronics protected by impermeable epoxy potting

“Deploying Idesco readers provides a distinct benefit to us as a system integrator.  For, with Idesco readers, we have no maintenance costs from broken readers. Even when exposed to moisture or temperature changes, they operate just fine, regardless of where we install them.” Petri Tomperi, Capitis Control”.