8 CD 2.0 now also anti-collision


diversified security keys

We have begun adding an anti-collision ability to both our Wiegand and OSDP versions of our 8 CD 2.0 DESFire readers, letting them read multiple cards simultaneously. This is particularly convenient when you present several cards or hybrid cards together. Why? Because this new anti-collision ability ensures your reader won’t stop upon reading the first card it encounters, ignoring others in the detection zone – even though that first one wasn’t what you wanted to read. Now, 8 CD 2.0 can automatically scan all cards in its polling zone, detecting the one you intend, making transactions faster, more convenient.

Additionally, 8 CD 2.0 now comes equipped with a more efficient process for reading your MIFARE Classic cards. 8 CD 2.0 will now only read an assigned sector, for improved security and faster transactions.

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