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Whenever you need reliable RFID readers delivered promptly, order from Idesco. Most often Mari Malinen will be the first to receive your order. She has been a valued SCM team member the past 18 months. Mari will enter your order, check material availability and production schedules before confirming delivery time in the order confirmation she sends you.

Sometimes product codes, desired product volumes, delivery addresses or other important details are missing from orders Mari receives. She requires all such details before manufacturing (let alone delivery) can be scheduled. The product code is the most crucial. It precisely identifies the product features customers have specified. If such details are missing, an order’s delivery is unavoidably delayed. “Of course, our teamwork is tight and we have a short command chain to help us assemble missing details, so I always know whom to ask”, Mari says. “But, a delay, even a short one, always results in delivery delay to the end-customers’ site. Too often, this is the result of hunting for customers’ missing information and, of course, that is not something we want, she adds. By contrast, it is very rewarding to my team when we can move things fast for our customers, so please get your product code in your orders”, Mari laughs.

Obviously, Mari is a vital link between our customers, support, sales and the production team. Her oversight keeps the flow of orders-to-products running smoothly right up until shipments are picked up by courier. “One of the best parts of my work is seeing how orders transform into manufactured products, right here, Mari smiles.

So, once again, please always send your orders to our dedicated e-mail address Several teammates follow this email vigilantly. Whenever you send to this address you will receive an automatic notification, to reassure you that your order has been received. Please do not send orders to private e-mails. Recipients can be vacationing, out of the office, leaving your order unattended, potentially waiting weeks for their return.

If you’re not sure which details we actually expect from your order, please learn more in our order guide. For additional information, please contact us. We are here for you!

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