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DESFire is the most secure RFID technology in the market. Idesco MIFARE® DESFire Tags are card or keyfob sized transponders with multi-application capabilities and high security
features enabled by MIFARE® DESFire technology. We provide DESFire tags also encoded to your system requirements and save your time.

If you need transponders designed to defeat cloning or cracking attacks, look no further. Idesco’s MIFARE® DESFire transponders, available as either cards or keyring tags, are specifically designed to support either 3DES or 128 bit AES encryption – a major enhancement over almost any other available technology. Equally important, these transponders are also designed for your users’ convenience and fully customizable with your company’s logo or artwork.
  • DESFire tags include one of the world’s highest encryption standards, AES encryption
  • DESFire tags are resistant to cloning or hacking attempts
  • Idesco provides full encoding service to your DESFire tags which saves your time and resources



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This is the market’s most secure open tech RFID reader with full 128-bit AES encrypted upstream data transfer. AES RFID means you can trust your credentials will stay secure from skimmers!

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Wherever you plan the powerful capability of OSDP’s bi-directional communication via secure channel is where 8 CD 2.0 OSDP reader will excel above all other readers.

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User-friendly yet powerful Migration Station reads credentials from your site’s legacy cards and tags, then rapidly rewrites them to new, more secure, user transponders.

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Idesco DESCoder RFID encoder software programs DESFire readers and transponders, simplifies creation of security keys for all your Idesco DESFire deployments.

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