• Mifare DESFire
  • Access control reader
  • DESFire EV1

8 CD 2.0

Future-proof your site's security with this tough, supremely customisable, migrate-able, energy-saving and forward-thinking Mifare® DESFire reader.

8 CD 2.0 provides you the best in rugged DESFire reader for access control, data collection and person identification deployments. Not only will it substantially reduce your energy costs, but this supremely secure, NFC-compliant access control reader will expand your savings by simplifying everything from upgrades all the way up to a future full technology migration.

  • Convenient configurations – no uninstalling or power-down required
  • Powerful, unique and customisable security features you choose and program yourself
  • Open technology: no device supplier of technology dependencies
  • Reads DESFire EV1/EV2/EV3 transponders
  • Compatible also with your current Mifare® card population
  • Robust, reliable, flexible and utterly secure standalone capability
  • Easy and convenient technology and security level migrations
  • Eco-sensitive construction
  • Two OEM module options

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