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Idesco is a licensed LEGIC partner

We bring 30 years of experience building RFID readers to our role as a licensed LEGIC partner, delivering durable, flexibly-configurable, LEGIC Advant and Prime multi-technology readers to complete your LEGIC identification system. When you choose an Idesco reader embedded with LEGIC's secure identification technology, you will also get a supremely reliable, durable device that enjoys the same first-class level of customer support regularly praised by all our other customers.

LEGIC technology

LEGIC® is a standardized, flexible identification technology designed to support integrators embedding multiple applications in a system. If you seek elegant yet secure, reliable LEGIC readers for a system, look no further. Idesco builds into its LEGIC readers the same flexibility, durability, interface and housing variety Idesco's other readers enjoy, ensuring the deployment of your LEGIC identification system will be seamless and convenient. We offer two keypad versions to support enhancing your system's security with personal pin codes. All Idesco's readers - including LEGIC - are manufactured in the EU.

RFID readers with pin pad

Secure your LEGIC site with pin code authentication

Choose from a different pin pad readers to secure your LEGIC site with personal pin code authentication. We design pin pad readers for different user groups and environments. Some users appreciate tactile feedback moving keys provide when they press a key. This is a particularly valuable benefit for visually-challenged users. Capacitive keypads have their benefits, too: they are very durable and they are also very easy to keep clean. This could be a valuable feature e.g. in hospitals. Keypad backlighting improves the reader's usability in poorly lit areas. It not only helps locate a reader but especially helps users press the right keys – regardless of keypad type. Most Idesco keypad readers tolerate temperature extremes, even as wide as – 40 °C – +55 °C. Capacitive keypad readers also possess IP67 protection class, meaning they will thoroughly resist dust and moisture.

Vandalism risk? Worry less with Idesco LEGIC

When a site might suffer a higher vandalism risk, reader impact resistance can be crucial. That's why our LEGIC readers enjoy the EN 62262 standard's two highest IK scores for impact endurance. Basic and Quattro housings score highest, IK-10, (≤20 joules impacts), while Slim is rated IK-09, (≤10 joules impacts). All housings are cast from fire-tested polymers enjoying both UL94 HB (horizontal) and UL94 V2 (vertical) inflammation-resistance. Lastly, every reader embeds a tamper alarm, for automatic system detection of attempted dismantling.

durable LEGIC readers

Is your site outdoors?

Our IP67 protection class LEGIC readers operate in the widest range of temperatures: -40 °C to +55 °C. They repel moisture, frost, dust - you can even immerse them in water. Outdoor sites experiencing frost or snow frequently create problems for pin pad readers by blocking their keypads. However, Idesco LEGIC keypad readers are available without moving keys - ideal for truly inclement sites.

Convenient installation

Idesco LEGIC readers come in a variety of elegant, durable housings for either indoor or outdoor sites. We offer housings designed for both door frame and electrical socket siting, as well as optional installation and insulation plates that reduce eddy current interference from metal surfaces or EM-noisy locations. Installation plates also conveniently cover old screw holes left by legacy readers, while our convenient, optional adapter plates greatly speed LEGIC Slim Pin installation.

LEGIC door handle rfid lock

LEGIC Door handles as well

Idesco indoor Door Handle locks embedded with LEGIC technology are more than just convenient. With no need for cabling, these multi-technology locks simplify installation. In addition to reading LEGIC transponders, they also support MIFARE® and MIFARE DESFire®. If you prefer them system-connected over standalone, Door Handle Online securely routes its transactions wirelessly to a dedicated hub interfacing your system via Wiegand. Replace old mechanical locks with your site's stronger LEGIC security.

Unmatched flexibility

Idesco LEGIC readers read a variety of other technologies. In addition to LEGIC® Prime and Advant, they support MIFARE® DESFire, MIFARE® Classic, MIFARE® Ultralight, MIFARE® Plus, NFC, INSIDE Secure, Sony Felica and ISO15693 standard technologies. Our wide interface variety ensures them a seamless embed in your LEGIC system. Our tradition of constant feature development ensures our readers remain 'future-proofed', with long life-spans, seamless reconfigurability and updatability. Finally, our regularly-praised, expert support will happily help smooth your installation, making Idesco LEGIC readers a truly secure choice for your site.

LEGIC readers with a variety of interfaces
OEM RFID module with cable

Embed LEGIC in your device

Did you know you can embed secure, accurate LEGIC identification in your own device or machinery? Idesco's LEGIC reader module transforms any suitable device into its own LEGIC reader. Its 72 x 37,8 x18 mm dimensions let numerous small devices accommodate it. Modules come with cable, or connector (or neither if preferred), and support the same technologies and interfaces of our LEGIC readers, ensuring a seamless embed in your system. If you manufacture readers, Idesco LEGIC modules offer you a truly cost-effective way to expand and enhance your offering.


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