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Green Design lowers the ecological footprint of our products

Let's work together for sustainable RFID

The production, use and disposal of electronic products can have a broad range of adverse environmental and human health impacts. However, Idesco knows its responsibility as an RFID manufacturer. We don’t just build cutting-edge energy-saving RFID products to meet your business requirements of quality and reliability. We also design them as scalable, versatile solutions for conserving energy. Indeed, Idesco works hard maintaining the smallest ecological footprint possible across our entire product line – from minimizing fabrication byproducts to maximizing end-of-life recyclability. Additionally, we monitor our subcontractors’ production processes to ensure they follow relevant laws and regulations, use resources (e.g. raw materials) effectively and generally keep their operations environment-friendly.

We know full well an RFID product choice is readily reducible to an environmentally-sensitive choice. How so? Because our products, employed across a wide range of applications, often profoundly streamline processes. They help optimize route planning that reduces fuel consumption, they automate processes that reduce redundant work, saving both time and energy. Further, we design our RFID products for long product lifetimes, at least ten years, and many of our readers can update with new software, extending their lifespans further. Lastly, RFID access systems vastly simplify credential management. Lost tags don’t require lock replacement (and resultant waste). You simply remove its digital credential from your system – much gentler on the environment.



Tiered savings

Most Idesco readers consume 60% less energy compared to competitor’s products. Such low power consumption, in turn reduces the backup power infrastructure requirement in end-users' systems.

Quality, green design

It’s safer and more cost-effective to manufacture energy-saving RFID products that are also nonhazardous, durable, reusable and upgradeable with configuration cards/updating. We now strive for a ‘deeper shade of green’ in environmental performance by defining life cycle criteria for the sustainable plastics used in our designs.

Raw material policy

We know our product waste responsibility: to reduce the environmental impacts our products have upon disposal. It is why we constantly seek ways to reduce the raw materials our products use. We only use those meeting our company’s rigorous standards for minimal environmental impact, including WEEE (Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipments, for device collection and recycling), and ROHS (European Union’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances), banning certain applications of mercury, lead, some brominated flame retardants (PBDEs, PBBs), and cadmium.

Maximized life-span

We design products to last decades in demanding conditions. Many of our products' lifespans are extendable with configuration card upgrades and software updates. We also utilize open technologies and standards to maximize your sourcing flexibility during system expansion or upgrades.

Manufactured in EU

Idesco products are made in the EU. They are produced in conditions friendly to both the environment and our employees, in compliance with European regulations and standards on manufacturing, environmental friendliness, product safety and work conditions.

Regulatory compliance

Idesco Oy’s Environmental Plan defines how we must manage our relationship with the environment, with an explicit goal of improving our planet’s overall environmental sustainability. It is why Idesco supports policies designed to leverage safer chemical and material use in its products, including following listed regulations on halogenated chemicals (bromine and chlorine-based chemicals), heavy metals and other high hazard materials. We invite you to learn more by downloading Idesco Environmental Policy in the link below.


We care about our shared environment! Learn more by downloading Idesco's Environmental Policy

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