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Transponder-to-host AES ciphers securing your Wiegand system

Wiegand CAN be protected

Idesco was the world's first to encrypt card-to-reader-to-host transactions with AESCO, designed to lift your system to the highest-level security.

Even if you use modern, encrypted readers and transponders, your credential data in Wiegand-cabled systems will inevitably be decrypted before it is passed up to your host controller(s). Idesco's AESCO solution will readily deploy in your existing Wiegand system, to eliminate this vulnerability. The Result? Your credentials will remain masked and protected all the way to the controller.

Best of all, AESCO's latest generation AES-encrypted readers cost-effectively and readily embed into old MIFARE® systems. Indeed, AESCO even provides different deployment modes: piggy-back the AESCO module onto your controller or update them with Idesco’s RS-485 AES protocol.

Alternative ways to deploy AESCO

Deploy Access 8 CD 2.0 AES readers with the AESCO-module inside your current controller. AESCO-module provides seamless decryption, ensuring your system receives and recognizes data in your legacy format. This provides the fastest pathway to fully encrypting and protecting your system with a Wiegand connection.


Deploy Access 8 CD 20 AES readers with Idesco’s RS485 AES-software protocol installed in your own controller. Requires additional software customising by either Idesco or integrator/installer to ensure protocol parity yet also provides powerfully competitive advantages for installers and system integrators.




AESCO is cost-effective and easy to deploy

Secured Wiegand connection

Idesco is the first manufacturer to provide a solution that covers a secured data transfer from card to host- it also covers the Wiegand connection inside your existing system

Open (Mifare) technology

Compatibility with standardized MIFARE® technology ensures your freedom to choose between device suppliers

Security key management

We provide you tools to create, manage and update your security keys if you prefer. We can also manage your security keys and save your time!

Cost-effective and efficient

You can secure your Wiegand connection with AESCO solution in several ways. All of them can be deployed in your existing Wiegand system.

Easy-to-use encoding tools

If you decide to create your Wiegand encryptions by yourself, you can do it with easy to use Idesco encoding tools.

Existing credentials to new tags

AESCO includes a user-friendly too for migrating your credentials up into DESFire security. Migration Station will read old tag credentials then rapidly creates new high-security transponders, fully-compatible with your current system.


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