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Secure your site with DESFire

Where are your security keys?

We also offer the latest know-how when you secure your site with our newest generation DESFire readers, solutions and services. As the most secure RFID technology, MIFARE® DESFire protects your transponders' credentials from cloning or hacking with robust 3DES or 128-bit AES ciphers, or security keys. While DESFire lets you deploy with peace of mind, we can help you manage and maintain both your keys and transponders in whichever way best suits you, your site, your business. Leverage our expertise to protect you - and your bottom line.

Idesco Security Key Management

Deploying DESFire sometimes requires management of readers and transponders. Our experts can help save you time (and valuable resources) managing any aspect affected by your security keys. We can deliver pre-programmed readers and transponders right to your site - or train you to program them yourself. We will customize a package to precisely suit your needs, whether it is complete independence to maximum profitability. Let our experts ensure you succeed.

Writing your tags and cards

DESFire security usually uses programmed transponders. They have been highly secured and protected from hacking by complex cipher codes, also known as security keys. If you prefer not to assume responsibility for creating them, we can do it for you. We will encode and test your DESFire transponders, we can custom print their surfaces for you, publish helpful user documentation, all in addition to managing and archiving your site's security keys for you.

transponder programming

Programming your readers

Whenever you need additional readers, we'll deliver them pre-programmed to integrate instantly with your current transponder population. Idesco Security Key Management can include: creating/testing reader configurations, programming readers or configuration cards (shown at left), any needed documentation, even administering a configurations database for you. Why do we offer all this?

Because we want DESFire security to be as easy for you as installing standalone UID.

Managing your security keys

If you direct us to, we will manage both your security keys and documentation according to qualified information security protocols. Your DESFire keys, configurations and all other sensitive information related to your site will be secured in strict confidentiality for as long as you instruct us to. Furthermore, our use of this data will always strictly follow the clear policy we developed and formally agreed upon together. If you request, we will also direct and implement the secure and confidential disposal of your readers and transponders at life cycle end.

DESFire support

We pride ourselves in providing the promptest, most expert support on every issue regarding DESFire technology, including your readers, transponders and configurations, and any customized service your site or business requires. For example, we can offer you expert training, or give general presentations for your end-user customers on the many benefits of DESFire technology. Lastly, we will always be available to consult with you on crucial technical issues such asd migrating to DESFire or implementing high level interface security (AESCO).

30 years of excellence in RFID Security

Security continues growing in importance to businesses every year. Older identification technologies, that did little more than store and read a transponder’s unique serial number (UID), are rapidly giving way to more secure solutions. The newest technologies store custom-formatted credentials on transponders behind deep encryption that only permits a reader programmed precisely with the correct cipher to read. As a result, system users and security managers are often forced to wrestle through a labyrinth of questions when planning security systems that seem fated to grow more complex year after year.

Here at Idesco, we understand this. We're one of only a tiny surviving handful of RFID's pioneers, possessing over 30 years’ experience developing next-generation RFID solutions. The first reader with complete, card-to-reader AES encryption was developed by Idesco. We then developed the world’s first encrypted card-to-controller solution for securing existing Wiegand-based systems: our comprehensive AESCO solution. Every year, our customers confirm in surveys that our technical expertise and customer service remain at the industry's very highest level.

It's because we have always been committed to serving your demand for more knowledge about securing your site with the best RFID technologies. We further commit to supporting you with any training or webinar you require about these technologies, just as we commit to helping you and your customers find the right, cost-effective solution for any application required.

We are here for you, and we will always reply immediately to your support request. We want you and your customers to succeed in developing, maintaining and using one your most valuable assets: a secure identification system.


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