AESCO secures your Wiegand data


Access control systems with encrypted data transfer are growing more common, in response to growing security concerns over cloning and hacking attempts. Most systems encrypt ID card data in order to defeat attempts to read or copy a card before it’s submitted to an authorized reader. But did you know Idesco will not only secure your card’s data, but even your system’s card transactions – from card to controller – with deep 128-bit AES ciphers? Our 8 CD 2.0 5 AES readers, together with an AESCO module sited at your system’s controller, will defeat even robust ‘sniffer’ and side-hack attempts, cost-effectively and with remarkable ease.

We do this by using virtually unbreakable 128-bit AES ciphers that provide the most secure data encryption available commercially. Our 8 CD 2.0 5 AES readers conceal their interrogations of already-encrypted card data behind an additional layer using a second, independent AES cipher. The resultant data stream can’t be effectively cracked by any method. This is particularly valuable for systems passing card data to controllers via Wiegand interface which is somewhat more vulnerable to ‘sniffer’ hacks.

While AESCO will powerfully protect your current Wiegand mode system from card to host, it won’t require any changes at the system level. That’s because the AESCO module installs quickly next to your controller for decrypting data our 8 CD 2.0 5 AES readers send it. Best of all, the module will simultaneously return this decrypted data to the Wiegand mode your controller is accustomed to seeing; your controller won’t perceive any difference. Not surprisingly, Idesco remains the only manufacturer on the market offering such an insurmountable level of security and protection. Still, this is what Idesco does best: finding effective solutions to real problems so we can tangibly build our customers security.

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Perfect fit on electric sockets? Quattro housing!

Quattro_Quattro_PinQuattro housings provide a perfect fit for installing readers over an existing electric socket. Both Quattro and Quattro Classic are designed to fit over standard sized electric sockets while conveniently covering any unsightly holes remaining in the wall from old sockets. Conveniently, Quattros are also available with pin pads wherever you wish to enhance security by implementing a pin code requirement. Quattro is available in 7 AH, 7C 2.0, 8 CD 2.0, and 9 CL. Click for our housing PDF, or write us to learn more.

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