Idesco ID

Idesco ID simplifies deploying mobile access control. Send users' mobile credentials from your own system. Users can install Idesco Mobile Lite app, or if you prefer, develop your own!

  • Send mobile credentials directly from your own system
  • Keep mobile credentials and user data secure in one place – your system
  • No cloud service, no parallel system requirement
  • Makes bringing mobile access into your system easy
  • Free mobile app – or option to develop your own
  • Customize the credential messages you send users

Technical specification

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8 CD 2.0 MI, our mobile access reader, also reads traditional cards or tags, in addition to the credentials in users’ phones. The reader works with either Idesco Mobile Lite or customized apps.

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Idesco ID access control app for your phone gives you a convenient, secure alternative to cards or tags for entering your building.

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