Access control security. What is it about?

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We secure your access

Securing your personnel, your data and your premises - upon that foundation everything else rests. How to secure your access control system? Rely on the industry's most secure, open standard technology. If you are ready to learn more, ask for a quotation of Scandinavia's securest access control readers. We are one of the world's most experienced RFID reader manufacturers!

Access control factors

Access control security depends on the capabilities of your system's technology. As the traditional Wiegand data protocol and UID technologies are replaced, more secure technologies have appeared. MIFARE DESFire readers use one of the world's most secure technologies. With unbreakable AES/TDES encryption and mutual security keys, it totally protects cards and readers from cloning, hacking or skimming attempts. Built upon NXP’s open standard, it also provides you the stability and continuity you must demand from a long-term system technology commitment. By relying on an open standard MIFARE technology, you are free to choose from a wide range of device suppliers when you want to expand.

How to secure user ID's?

Choose MIFARE DESFire technology. It is much safer than legacy UID technologies. DESFire security keys protect cards and tags from cloning. Its deep mutual authentication process even protects them from being read by a hacker. It further protects against skimming of reader-card transactions, using powerful 128-bit AES or TDES encryption to protect your data in the air interface.

Diversified keys enhance your access control security

Diversified keys powerfully expand DESFire's security even more. DESFire assigns a single security key to a site’s entire population of access control readers and cards. Diversified keys improve this security further, by adding each access card its own, unique security key, protected behind 128-bit AES encryption - all in addition to the essentially unbreakable DESFire security that prevents hacking or cloning even by modern computers.


OSDPv2 = convenience and security

Bi-directional OSDPv2 provides highly secure, encrypted data transfer from reader to host. For larger access control systems, OSDP v2 provides another powerful benefit: much faster and convenient system management. How so? OSDP File Transfer lets you update your system's access control readers remotely by pushing commands instructions downstream to them from your system. No more configuring individual readers on location with configuration cards - simply update them from your system.

Choose your path to DESFire

Security managers and integrators may choose from different ways of managing DESFire readers' and their sites' security keys. Don’t want to program DESFire readers and cards yourself? We can program them for you, even with site- or customer-specific keys. We will deliver directly to your installation site, saving time and resources. If you need, we even archive site-specific security keys for as long as you wish.


Future-proof your system

Your access control security also depends on the long-term sourcing continuity of your system's components. MIFARE DESFire is an open standard technology that protects your future multi-sourcing of compatible devices when you are ready to expand your access control system. We build a long life-span into our MIFARE DESFire access control readers to ensure they will stay on the job once you install them. Updates are performed easily, without un-installation, and Idesco’s expert customer support will follow you through every phase of your system’s life span.

Living in Scandinavia

As a Finnish access control reader manufacturer, we aim to provide a bit more. While superior technology protects your data, the challenge of Scandinavian weather also demands extra care. So, we combine the highest open standard access control security technology with equally durable, reliable keypads and reader housings. Their moisture and dust endurance (high protection class) keep the readers functional in extreme temperatures and conditions, while their high impact resistance protects against impacts and vandalism.

Mobile credential security?

Are you thinking about accommodating mobile phone ID’s, virtual access cards? Mobile phones are a convenient access method, and they can also be made just as secure alternative to cards, as any other modern, encrypted access card. That is why Idesco Mobile Lite robustly supports mobile credentialing in MIFARE-based systems. Connections between our access control readers and smartphones are protected with the most secure encryption method available; AES / TDES encryption. Learn more by clicking the Idesco Mobile Lite link below.

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