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Welcome to the team, Heikki!


We are delighted to welcome Idesco’s newest team member, Heikki Lintulahti. In his role as Area Sales Manager, he will serve all of you in the Benelux countries, as well as Norway and Denmark.

Heikki has acquired extensive technical sales experience in a variety of companies, so expect a thorough and professional approach from him whatever your needs are. Heikki recognizes in Idesco a reliable, long-term player with a recognized standing in the business. “Due to this, I feel confident encouraging and nurturing greater cooperation with Idesco’s customers”, says Heikki.

Originally from and accustomed to Northern Finland, Heikki enjoys outdoor activities with his family in his free time. He says you can often find him downhill skiing, or touring all the different places you can explore on fatbike.

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