Customizing RFID to protect your security while collecting data

Hand-made to your specification

Customizing RFID for you

Customized solutions we have developed range from customized housings to alternative output formats (e.g. data length), data bit lengths, cable lengths or antennas, to mere branding of device housings with colours and logos. Our R & D experts will always work closely with you to achieve precisely the refinements your OEM project demands.

If you require, Idesco is equally capable of designing and manufacturing a wholly new device or even a product line for you – including managing and providing all the necessary updates across your products’ lifetimes. So, whether you are considering an OEM reader, a bespoke housing, or customized RFID solutions for a novel application – or contemplating a new product line for your company, Idesco will partner with you to ensure your success.

As an Idesco partner you will bring an intimate understanding of your industry and your end-user’s needs while Idesco leverages its technological expertise to develop the customized RFID hardware solution and software solutions your business requires. Below are examples of reader customisation, RFID technology development and deployments Idesco has performed in partnership with other companies’ operations.

Automatic fare collection

The Nordic IT Solutions company Fara has deployed more than 20 automatic fare collection systems built upon Idesco’s proximity technology in the cities of Turku, Jyväskylä, Oulu, Kuopio, Lahti, Uppsala and Marburg. Additionally, Helsinki and its surrounding municipalities deploy a fare collection system Fara developed with Idesco-engineered RFID technology for that city’s public transportation systems. In brief, the Helsinki system handles 1 million boarding and automatic fare collection transactions per day. The proximity cards Idesco provided Helsinki’s automatic fare collection system are fully reloadable with time, value or both. Additionally, passengers not only can replenish their cards at service points and stations but also at many kiosks and shops throughout the Helsinki region. Users can also track, in real time, the amounts loaded and/or the journeys they have purchased. Finally, the smartcards also support and facilitate usage measurements and anonymous data collection by the entire system to assist in future route planning.

Customized RFID asset tracking

Idesco technology has been developed for and deployed in large-scale sample identification systems in major research and medical laboratories throughout the world. Importantly, Idesco technology is entrusted to ensure 100% reliable sample identification in research and medical laboratory automation systems, systems that have been delivered to laboratory and blood donor service customers throughout the world.

“This brand-new solution was engineered upon our existing RFID technology and then customized to meet the needs of the customer and the end user. It was the first solution of its kind in the world,” says Jari Valtonen, Idesco Oy CEO.

Numerous other logistics and RFID asset tracking applications have since been built from Idesco’s technology such as waste container labeling to simplify collection processes to tool-marking for maintenance activity tracking and control.

Other solutions

RFID access control profoundly enhances your security when you need reliable personal identification solutions. That’s because you can rely on them to always provide accurate, detailed and timely data on the personnel accessing and using your structures. With Idesco’s mobile solutions you can integrate mobile access to your existing system, and send mobile credentials to users’ phones directly from your own system.

Passive UHF (Ultra High Frequency) is an ideal long range solution for enhancing security and collecting data in transit, parking, logistics and hands-free applications. Our passive UHF devices are built tough, reliable for the harshest outdoor settings.


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