Privacy policy – Cookies, website and newsletter

1. Introduction

Idesco Oy (or, later ”we”) use cookies on our website and thereby collect certain personal data about persons who use our website, or subscribe to our newsletter. In this information policy, we explain, among other things, what cookies we use, what they are used for and what choices you can exercise regarding our cookies. If you subscribe to our newsletter, this privacy policy also provides you in-formation about how Idesco Oy handles your personal data, and reassures you that our processing of your data complies with the General Data Protection Regulation and other applicable personal data legislation. Lastly, this privacy policy outlines your rights in relation to us, and how you can ex-ercise those rights.


2. Who is the controller?

Idesco is the controller for the processing of the personal data collected from users of Idesco’s website.

You will find the Company’s contact details below.

Our contact details:

Idesco Oy


Teknologiantie 9

90590 OULU


+358 20 743 4175

If you have questions about how we process your data, please contact us at


3. What data we track on our website and how long it is stored

Idesco processes the following personal data about newsletter subscribers.

  • E-mail address
  • Name
  • Company / Organisation
  • Phone number
  • IP address
  • Country
  • Other information you have submitted or submit in different forms we provide in our newsletters and / or on our website, e.g. interests.
  • Information that it gathered by you reading or clicking our newsletters, downloading brochures or other materials from our website
  • History of your visits to our website as collected by cookies (e.g. Active Campaign, Google Tag Manager) or social media sites. Remember that disabling cookies in your browser will let you stay anonymous

We store your personal information as long as necessary to be able send newsletters to you, or as long as it is necessary to be able to serve you in the purpose your personal information was collected for.

Newsletter subscribers’ personal data is stored in Active Campaign platform, based in the US. Active Campaign is committed to GDPR.

The service is protected by personal passwords and accessible by named persons in Idesco’s sales and marketing, possible external service providers when they conduct services ordered by us, Active Campaign support personnel when serving us.

If you want to unsubscribe from our newsletter list, you can do so any time.

Personal data of newsletter subscribers will be used for marketing communication to our customers and interest groups, for maintaining and improving our customer relationships, and for informing about our products and services.

If you contact us via our website, we ask you to give your name, company, phone number, e-mail address and country to be able to recognize you and answer your question. We store the information for as long as it is necessary to serve you.  We can also store and use your contact information to get in contact with you. All the personal information we collect that way is stored on our server and accessible only to persons whose work assignments require handling this data.

We can save your personal data for a longer period if it is necessary to meet a legal obligation that needs to be processed by applicable law, or in order for Idesco to be able to establish, exercise or defend legal claims.


4. What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text-based file that is placed on your computer, mobile phone or similar device, with information about your navigation on the website. There are temporary and permanent cookies. Temporary cookies, also known as session cookies, are saved on your device until you close the browser. Permanent cookies have an expiration date and when this date has passed, the cookie is deleted when you return to the website that created it.

Cookies can be “first-party cookies” or “third-party cookies”. First-party cookies are cookies that are placed on the website by Idesco. Third-party cookies are cookies that are placed on the website by another party than Idesco.


5. What specific cookies does Idesco use and for what purpose?

Cookies used on our website come from either our site’s platform, WordPress, or other service ven-dors; Active Campaign (newsletters), Tawk (online chat), Cloudflare (site loading performance), Google (site traffic monitoring, analysing and online advertising) and the social media channels (LinkedIn, Facebook). We use cookies on our website for the following purposes:

  • allow you to browse our website and use its features. This group of cookies are compulsory, e.g. cookies improving browser performance by shortening page load times, cookies follow-ing site traffic or cookies enabling chat on our site.
  • record what content you browse on our website. These cookies help us improve our site’s content and newsletters.
  • cookies related to personalized marketing. These cookies enable re-marketing on other web-sites, and / or they are social media cookies (Facebook and LinkedIn). They help us define what kind of advertising you see from us in social media or other websites.

Please note our website lets you select your consent level for each individual cookie group, or any or all of them together. Please note required cookies are needed for using our website.


6. What legal ground we have for processing of your personal data

We process your personal data as above based on consent from you, which you provided in connection with visiting our website.

You may also have filled a form on our website, asking for customer support, download materials we provide, subscribe to a newsletter or ask additional information about products and services. We need your personal information to be able to serve you. If you contact us via chat, we ask your personal information to be able to answer your request.


7. Can I say no to cookies?

You can decide to not accept cookies functioning in your PC as described in chapter 5.  Please note that you must accept compulsory cookies that enable website functionality to be able to browse it.

You can change your consent later. A link for managing your cookie preferences can be found in our website’s footer.

You may also adjust your browser settings governing all cookies. Please note that if you do, again, our website and our services might not work as intended.

If you do not want to allow cookies to be stored on your device, you can usually completely or partially turn them off in your browser’s settings. For example, some browsers let you choose to block all cookies, only accept first-party cookies, or delete cookies upon closing your browser.

Once again, note that if you choose to delete or block cookies using browser settings alone, use or even access of our website and services may be prevented as a consequence.


8. Is your data shared with third parties?

The personal data collected through third-party cookies will be disclosed to the third party that is providing the cookie. Please see a list of vendors providing third party cookies:

  • Google Tag Manager. and
  • Active Campaign.
  • Google.

Please see chapter 5 to review the purpose of these cookies.

Idesco Oy does not share personal data (e.g. names and addresses) to third parties. External service providers we contract (e.g. website service providers) may store and process your personal data in their service to us. However, their access and use of your personal data is exclusively limited to those services they provide us, e.g. delivering ordered goods to you. In the event we migrate from such a vendor to a new one, your personal data will be removed from the old one and moved to the new one. If all or parts of the Idesco Oy’s operations are ever sold, your personal data may be transferred to Idesco’s buyer. Beyond these exceptions, Idesco Oy takes all reasonable legal, technical, and organisational measures to ensure your personal data are handled securely, confidentially and with satisfactory protection.

Idesco can also provide your personal data to public authorities if we are is obliged to do so by law.


9. Transfer of personal data outside the EU/EEA

Personal data collected on e.g. with forms on our website, will be stored only in the EU/EEA.

Our website may use services from vendors located outside of the EU/EEA. They are committed to following GDPR. We recommend you review privacy policies of vendors.

  • Google Tag Manager. and
  • Active Campaign.

Personal data collected on e.g. with forms on our website, will be stored only in the EU/EEA.


10. Your rights

You have certain statutory rights that you can exercise in relation to the Company. A summary of these rights follows below. For complete information about your rights, please see the General Data Protection Regulation, Chapters 3–5.

Right to access/extract from register. You have the right to get answers about whether the Company processes personal data about you. If this is the case, you have the right to information about, among other things, what personal data is being processed, the purpose, which external recipients receive your personal data and how long we save your personal data for.

Right to data portability. You have the right to request a copy of the personal data, which you have provided to the Company, in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format. You also have the right to request that the Company transfer these personal data to another controller. The right to data portability applies to personal data, which is processed in an automated matter, and which is based on your consent or on an agreement you are party to.

Rectification of inaccurate data. You have the right to request that Idesco rectify inaccurate or incomplete information about you.

Erasure of certain data. You have the right to request that Idesco erase your personal data under certain circumstances, e.g. if the personal data are no longer necessary for the purpose that we collected the personal data for.

Right to object to Idesco’s processing of personal data. You have the right to object to the Company’s processing of your personal data. The right to object applies, inter alia, if the processing is based on a balancing of interests, unless Idesco can demonstrate (i) imperative legitimate grounds for the processing which override your interests, rights and freedoms or (ii) if the processing occurs for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims.

Right to object to direct marketing. You have the right to object at any time to Idesco processing your personal data for direct marketing. If you object to such processing, Idesco without unnecessary delay shall cease all direct marketing to you.

Right to restriction of processing your personal data. You have the right to request a restriction of Idesco’s processing of your personal data in certain cases. For example, if you have contested the accuracy of your personal data, you can request a restriction of the processing during a period of time to enable Idesco to verify the accuracy of the personal data.

If you have a complaint about the Idesco’s processing of your personal data, you have the right to lodge such a complaint with the Swedish Data Protection Authority.

If you want to make a request for an extract from the register, data portability, rectification, erasure, objection or restriction, please contact the us at


11. Changes to the privacy policy

Idesco reserves the right to make changes to this privacy policy. The latest version of this policy is on this website.



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