OSDP v2 display reader keeps messages confidential

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Personal messages? No problem!

Next-gen convenience secured by OSDP v2

Users are showing interest in receiving personalized messages when transiting access points. This is a natural progression beyond the interaction that time and attendance has provided. Now, the latest version of SIA's OSDP data protocol (v2) lets integrators offer this feature with confidence of being able to secure it against skimmers, sniffers and other sophisticated hacking methods.

How is this possible? OSDP v2 not only supports bi-directional data streams over RS-485 cable, it encrypts both directions behind virtually unbreakable 128-bit AES ciphers. Convenient device addressing is the result, so all readers can be cost-effectively cabled on a single circuit - and updated or re-configured remotely, with instructions securely sent from their system hub!

RFID reader with display

Learn about OSDP v2's special capabilities!

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  • The conveniences and powerful security features OSDP v2 (and Idesco’s readers) bring to modern deployments.
  • A method for determining if OSDP v2 is the data protocol your proposed deployment needs to succeed.

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