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Access control products to common system standards

Security of your access control system heavily depends on capacity of the reader technology you choose for your system. Today, system integrators and security managers are looking for more secure alternatives to Wiegand data protocol and UID card technologies. Wiegand data protocol does not provide encryption to the card data and sends it unsecured to the system, while older, unencrypted plain UID card technologies remain vulnerable to hacking and copying attempts. Good news is that there are various alternatives and more secure access control technologies available today. Some of them, like MIFARE DESFire, can be deployed in old MIFARE Classic access control systems, providing you a convenient migration towards better access control security. We deliver access control products based on open technologies, readily developed to meet the common system requirements of global, well-known access control system providers.

MIFARE DESFire relies on mutual authentication

Only one technology, MIFARE® DESFire, provides a superior overall balance of access control security, sourcing, cost, flexibility and standardization. With security keys, DESFire protects access cards from cloning and even being read by a hacker. It also protects card-reader transactions from skimming. Powerful 128-bit AES or TDES encryption protects your data. Because of DESFire's mutual authentication process, only an authorized reader can read a coded DESFire tag. Since MIFARE® DESFire is an open standard, sourcing isn’t a problem like it can be with proprietary technologies. You can purchase new DESFire readers and cards from different vendors and still benefit from MIFARE’s constant development and updating. Idesco's DESFire readers are known by their durability in harsh environments, advanced and sleek design, as well as very flexible configurability to different access control system manufacturer's specifications. Coding of DESFire transponders and readers with authenticated security keys won't be a problem. We take care of your security keys and their data safety, program your readers and transponders with customer specific security keys and deliver them directly to your access control site. If you wish, we also program your site's readers and transponders with diversified security keys; the latest development of constantly strengthening DESFire security.

DESFire readers

OSDPv2 for bi-directional data transfer

OSDP is your choice when you need a secure, bi-directional data transfer between readers and their host. The latest version OSDP v2 (2.1.7) secures bi-directional data transmission with effectively unbreakable 128-bit AES encryption. We provide several OSDP readers for your access control systems to choose from. One of them is an RFID display reader built on bi-directional OSDP data protocol, enhancing your options to create access control deployments with personalized, user-specific messages to show on reader's display. Idesco OSDP v2 readers also soon support file transfer. This feature enables updating reader configurations and firmware via OSDP communication protocol. OSDP (Open Supervised Device Protocol) is an open data protocol. It means that several access control device manufacturers support this technology, providing you several compatible supplier options to choose from, when it is time to add new devices to your OSDP system.

Secure transparent reader option for system-hosted data

Transparent readers provide a different option for high security access control systems. The security of transparent readers is based on that their function depends entirely on instructions their system host sends to them. Transparent readers don't contain data; instead, all data is system-based. The role of transparent readers in an access control system is similar to loudspeakers in a sound system: hacking a loudspeaker doesn’t let you change the music. The system software determines a transparent reader’s functionality. This is another benefit transparent readers provide. They very much simplify access control system updates, because with all software instructions hosted in the system, device updates are no longer required, even after a comprehensive system change. Any changes to reader functionality can be completely integrated with system software updates. The French security authority, ANSSI (Agence nationale de la sécurité des systèmes d’information), prescribes transparent readers for access control sites with the highest security requirements. Idesco transparent reader, 9 CD 2.0 Slim Pin T, complies with the requirements of ANSSI's Level 1 Architecture.

Transparent readers

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