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We provide secure, compatible access control readers and cards

Secure access control products for your system

Your access system's security depends heavily on your chosen technology. Idesco provides secure access control readers and cards, built on latest, most secure access control technologies. Integrators and security managers today want more security than Wiegand's data protocol and UID technologies supports. Wiegand lacks encryption while older, plain UID card technologies have little or no protection from hacking and cloning. Gratefully, more secure options like MIFARE DESFire are available. DESFire readily deploys into old MIFARE Classic sites, speeding migration into greater security. It is why we build with MIFARE's open technology: to meet the needs of global providers.

MIFARE® DESFire readers and cards

MIFARE® DESFire supremely balances security, sourcing, cost, flexibility and standardization. Its security keys make cloning and even reading impossible by hackers while also protecting against skimming. DESFire's mutual authentication combines with powerful encryption, ensuring only authorized devices will read your tag. MIFARE®'s open standard also simplifies sourcing - in contrast with proprietary products. You can source from different vendors while still enjoying updates from MIFARE's ongoing development. Our tough, yet elegant DESFire readers thrive in harsh environs, while readily adapting to widely different systems. Card coding isn't a problem either since we can safely manage your security keys, promptly delivering readers and tags direct to your site.

OSDP-secured data transfer

Wiegand data traveling unprotected from readers was the risk that OSDP (Open Supervised Device Protocol) was organized to solve. OSDP's latest version (2.1.7) secures bi-directional data streams with effectively unbreakable 128-bit AES encryption. While Idesco makes different OSDP access readers you can choose from, our 8 CD 2.0 D reader can show personalized messages to users on its display - securely and confidentially. Our OSDP readers also support file transfer, letting you conveniently update reader configurations and firmware from your system. Lastly, since OSDP is an open protocol, numerous manufacturers support it, ensuring adequate sourcing when you decide to expand your system.

Transparent readers

Transparent readers are a uniquely clever high security solution. Simplicity is their strength: they contain no data because your system controls all data and software. Just like hacking a loudspeaker won't let you change the music, transparent readers have nothing to manipulate. As a result, your system totally controls a transparent reader's functionality. System updates are also simplified. Since all code is system-based, device updates aren't needed, even after major changes. France's security authority, ANSSI (Agence nationale de la sécurité des systèmes d’information), prescribes transparent readers for its highest security sites. Idesco transparent reader, 9 CD 2.0 Slim Pin T, is ANSSI Level 1 Architecture-compliant.


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