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Rikshospitalet (The National Hospital, Oslo, Norway) recently unveiled a modern, new access control system (deployed by G4S Secure Solutions AS) built around Idesco readers. G4S deployed eight hundred of Idesco’s 8 CD 2.0 Slim Pin DESFire readers in Rikshospitalet’s new system. G4S had been chosen by Rikshospitalet for the superior quality of their system design, detailed implementation plan and time schedule for ensuring a smooth deployment.

Notably, G4S’ installation phase was fast and convenient, enabling them to meet a comparatively tight deadline (work commenced August 2013 and finished well before Christmas). Furthermore, whereas implementing completely new systems frequently requires significant end user resources, Rikshospitalet was pleased by relatively smooth transition. G4S’ product manager, Jan Terje By, while describing the installation, noted, “The Idesco Slim PIN reader range is well-designed, allowing it to be installed in most environments. Idesco’s convenient, new installation back-plate option particularly helped streamline installation of their readers. This was important because the hospital was fully operational throughout the installation.” Indeed, it only took an average of 15 minutes to replace an old device with a new one.

“Built-in” system evolution provided

Rikshospitalet’s former access control system had been thirteen years old when it was replaced. By the end of its lifecycle, it had grown increasingly difficult to secure replacement parts for the system. Consequently, Rikshospitalet now wanted their system designed to be cost-effective, with a built-in anticipation of future needs, updates and evolution.  Conversely, like all integrators, G4S prefers possessing full control over their system’s management, with minimal participation by third-party companies. In Idesco’s new generation, open technology 8 CD 2.0 DESFire readers, G4S recognized they had found an ideal solution for both Rikshospitalet’s and their own needs. Idesco’s readers are easily updated with no uninstallation required, making the system much easier to manage. Jan Terje By adds that, “We prefer Idesco’s readers because their technical features allow us to completely manage all security data within the chosen RFID technology and reader configuration settings.”

Full control in system management

G4S also relies heavily on Idesco’s user-friendly coding tool, DESCoder, for management of Rikshospitalet’s system readers. This tool was explicitly designed to provide integrators and installers as wide a range of control as possible over security keys, reader configurations and reader updates. Jan Terje By describes the tool, “The graphical user interface and system topology are very intuitive and not too complicated to learn, making the management of readers very easy, even when using advanced RFID technology security structures. Changing reader settings, security-levels and even RFID technology is all done without ever removing the physical reader – and also without any operational delays.  It’s particularly valuable for integrators and end-users to be able to create and manage their own security keys and readers’ settings”. Jan Terje By then clarifies, “While admittedly this is security issue, it’s also about retaining full control of your system. These two areas are particularly important to us – security and having full control over our system’s ongoing evolution”. With Idesco’s products, G4S and Rikshospitalet can now expect both convenient system maintenance and a long system life span.

Rikshospitalet is a university hospital in Oslo, Norway providing specialized medical treatment for patients from throughout the entire country.

G4S is the largest security services provider in the world, with operations spanning 125 countries. G4S offers a wide range of services, specialising in outsourced business processes and facilities in areas where security and safety risks are considered a strategic threat. G4S plc is a FTSE 100 listed company, and is also listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange. With more than 620,000 employees G4S is one of the largest employer on the London Stock Exchange.

Idesco provides secure and scalable identification solutions crafted to meet the unique demands of your business. Idesco not only offer solutions in access control, automated vehicle identification and other industrial and logistics applications. We also excel in customizing scalable and versatile solutions leveraging a full spectrum of RFID technology benefits you can integrate into deployments of your own secure, cost-effective and user-friendly identification systems. We create identification solutions that can make your business run more securely, efficiently – profitably.

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