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Dispensary with RFID reader reduced work glove costs 70%!

RFID in logistics case study

Cable manufacturer Prysmian Finland asked ACG Pulse to install a glove dispensary to serve their employees. In just one year, ACG Pulse’s Q-Spin glove dispensary had lowered Prysmian Finland’s work glove consumption by 70 percent while increasing worker productivity. Prysmian employees access the onsite Q-Spin glove dispensaries using their workplace RFID access tags, read by an Idesco 7 C 2.0 RFID reader.

ACG Pulse's Q-Spin dispensary was designed to enhance both stock management and logistic efficiency. Indeed, after its installation, Prysmian's productivity increased by minimizing employees wait time while ensuring their access to a new pair of work gloves whenever needed. Before Q-Spin, supervisors kept work gloves in locked storage for issuing to employees. With Q-Spin, gloves were instantly available to any employee needing them, eliminating delays. This RFID in logistics solution also helped Prysmian track their employees' work glove consumption, leading to a 70% reduction of work glove consumption. Further, since Q-Spin tracks its remaining inventory of work gloves in real time, scheduling its resupply is greatly simplified.

To ensure Prysmian employees could activate Q-Spin using their workplace RFID access tags, ACG Pulse chose Idesco 7 C 2.0 RFID readers. Jarmo Nissinen, ACG Pulse’s CEO, confirms Idesco's RFID reader was an excellent match for their RFID in logistics system. “In general, Idesco is a reliable supplier, their readers are of great quality and easy to use, delivery is fast and customer support is always available when we need it”, Jarmo Nissinen explained. Product development manager Esa Järvinen adds, “Idesco was our choice because they react very fast to support requests and share technical information. Numerous formats and standards exist in this field, but with Idesco’s products we were able to cover all of our customers’ needs."

Read the full-length Prysmian case study below:

Idesco is a good choice for RFID logistics solutions

Technology variety

Our readers use technologies with transaction distances as small as a couple centimeters all the way out to 15 meters, at frequencies of 125 kHz, 13,56 MHz and passive UHF (Ultra High Frequency, 865-868 MHz). We can also provide the latest, most secure credential encryption (13,56 MHz & UHF only) to utterly protect your RFID logistics assets.


Logistics devices must often endure moisture, temperature changes, chemicals and impacts. Did you know most Idesco readers have the widest operational temperature range (-40 °C to +55 °C), AND the highest, combined protection class (IP67, full moisture and dust resistance) and IK ratings (impact survivability of 10 & 20 joules) in the world?

Open standards

Open, standardized technologies let you source devices for your system from different suppliers. In contrast, closed or proprietary technologies only allow you to purchase or replace from a sole source. That's why Idesco's readers adhere to the open MIFARE and EPC standardized technologies, to ensure your sourcing freedom.


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