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Wireless RFID installs faster

Schematic: wireless RFID for large logistics property

This wireless RFID application manages multiple access points on a widespread logistics property with a variety of vehicles managed from a secured office. Linking so many farflung readers with cabling would be cost-prohibitive. However, a wireless RFID solution solves this regardless of distance. That’s because the Door Control Units cabled to each reader at the gates automatically create a mesh network with one another that is easily managed from the office.

All Idesco’s UHF and the majority of its HF readers connect to our wireless Door Control Units, readily adapting to your wireless installation design.

Idesco wireless RFID solutions

Installs Fast

Beyond power, Plug-n-play wireless RFID installations only require data cabling to nearby wireless controllers, saving time and money.

Temporary installations

Ideal temporary access control solution for deploying perimeter control for events, construction sites and other short-term needs.

Historical sites

A wireless deployment eliminates any need for drilling and threading or burying cable in historical buildings and heritage sites.

Wireless RFID technology

Wireless technology opens up new options for data transfer between readers and their hosts in RFID applications. That's because wireless technology permits solutions where data cabling would be time-consuming, cost-prohibitive or unfeasible. By their nature, wireless RFID solutions install much more quickly, saving costs. Even existing systems can be expanded with a wireless zone, to yield cost savings.

Our wireless RFID solutions employ the wireless 6LowPan (IEEE 802.15.4) standard. This standard ensures the easy and cost-effective wireless transfer of data between monitoring and controlling devices. The number of access points this topology permits is virtually unlimited, making it very suitable for applications where many readers need a network connection to function.

Furthermore, the power consumption can be greatly minimized when devices only activate when for sending or transferring data. The 6LowPan (IEEE 802.15.4) standard employed by Idesco's wireless devices operates on a frequency of 2.4G Hz. An important benefit of 2.4GHz is it can support data transfer, even out to distances of a hundred meters line-of-sight (LOS).

Other solutions

RFID access control profoundly enhances your security when you need reliable personal identification solutions. That’s because you can rely on them to always provide accurate, detailed and timely data on the personnel accessing and using your structures. With Idesco’s mobile solutions you can integrate mobile access to your existing system, and send mobile credentials to users’ phones directly from your own system.

Passive UHF (Ultra High Frequency) is an ideal long range solution for enhancing security and collecting data in transit, parking, logistics and hands-free applications. Our passive UHF devices are built tough, reliable for the harshest outdoor settings.

Over 30 years, Idesco has delivered a wide spectrum of customized RFID solutions for industrial, service and public partners. If you can’t find what you need in our devices, our experts will happily develop with you the customized solution you require, in an OEM Project.


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