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Mobile access for your organisation?

Mobile access with smartphone

Mobile access - opening doors with smartphones - is growing more common. Smartphones are ideal hosts for digital access cards, or mobile credentials. If preferred, your phone's own security lock can secure identification. Idesco ID simplifies bringing mobile access cost-effectively to your organisation. That is because it includes a service for distributing user credentials, along with its mobile app. Idesco ID easily integrates with most current systems, letting you keep using conventional cards and tags along with mobile credentials. Or completely replace your cards or tags with mobile credentials - it is up to you. Want to learn more how to bring mobile access into your organisation? We organise regular online demos to let you see for yourself. Contact us to learn more!

To enter with their phones, users need Idesco ID mobile access app. This free app, available from Google Play and AppStore, is intuitive and user-friendly. After installation and registering their mobile credential with a system, the Idesco ID app is ready to use. It is also an ideal solution for managing temporary access for maintenance personnel, hotel guests etc. No more distributing tags or cards to users since credentials can be sent remotely from any location. Register for an online demo to see how easily and quickly mobile credentials can be sent from your system to a phone.

Idesco ID service simplifies integrating mobile identification into your organisation by letting you manage and send credentials to users’ phones directly within your own system. No managing parallel systems, no separate cloud services or portals needed to manage your mobile credentials. Since Idesco ID does not store data from your system, it is also a secure solution, forwarding only a mobile credential to a phone. The only data Idesco ID service needs to send credentials is a phone number, and if you want, an e-mail address - nothing more.

Mobile access for organisations large and small

If your organisation is large, Idesco ID service gives you two options for distributing mobile credentials to your users. You can send credentials to all your organisation’s phones simultaneously. Or configure Idesco ID to let you send credentials whenever a new user needs one assigned to them. If your organisation is small with new users added only occasionally to your system, you can enroll their phone credentials at your site with a PC-connected Enrollment Station: users’ phones automatically embed a mobile credential when they download and install Idesco ID app.

Idesco ID mobile access steps are easy

1. Install readers

Idesco mobile-compatible (BLE/NFC) 8 CD 2.0 MI readers read both mobile credentials and your system's conventional MIFARE DESFire tags.

2. Deploy Idesco ID

A simple interface integrates Idesco ID to your system, letting you delete user data after sending virtual access cards to their phones. Secure and convenient!

3. Users install app

Free Idesco ID mobile access app lets users enter your building, following the privileges you define in your system.

Idesco ID free mobile access app

This easy-to-use mobile access app is available from Google Play and AppStore. After users install it and register their mobile credential, they can use Idesco ID app to enter – it is that easy. Their access privileges will strictly follow the security level you assigned to each door’s reader. An additional convenience is users’ phones are permitted to embed multiple system or building privileges.

Alternatively, if you prefer using your own mobile access app, Idesco ID mobile credential service will easily integrate to it instead. Idesco ID app is compatible and works with Idesco 8 CD 2.0 MI MIFARE DESFire access control readers.


Set unique security levels for every door

Security level 1

Hands-free access with phone in pocket. No waving, no screen touch needed. Assign detection distances out to 9 meters. Hygienic, convenient option for your building's automatic doors.

Security level 2

Idesco ID app displays buttons for each detected door reader. Tap-selecting the preferred door will trigger reader to open door.

Security level 3

User first authenticates by fulfilling phone's security unlock (fingerprint, pin code, etc.). Only then can they tap-select to trigger reader to open door. (Highest security)

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