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Better security, more flexibility with Idesco RFID solutions

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RFID access control profoundly enhances your security when you need reliable personal identification solutions. That’s because you can rely on them to always provide accurate, detailed and timely data on the personnel accessing and using your structures.

Passive UHF (Ultra High Frequency) is an ideal long range solution for enhancing security and collecting data in transit, parking, logistics and hands-free applications. Our passive UHF devices are built tough, reliable for the harshest outdoor settings.

Wireless RFID data transmission from controllers opens opportunities for novel applications. That’s because you can install a wireless controller (and its reader) where data cabling back to your system would otherwise be too time-consuming or costly. You can even expand an existing system with a wireless controller, for significant installation cost savings.

Over 27 years, Idesco has delivered a wide spectrum of customized RFID solutions for industrial, service and public partners. If you can’t find what you need in our devices, our experts will happily develop with you the customized solution you require, in an OEM Project.

What is RFID?

The basic components of an RFID system are a reader, transponder (e.g. tag or card) and a system controller. Want to learn more about RFID technology fundamentals? This presentation has answers!

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Case Study: ACG Pulse Glove dispensary

Work glove dispensary using Idesco's RFID readers to help track utilization lowered Prysmian Finland’s consumption of work gloves by 70 percent - big cost savings!

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Necom’s CEO states Access Touch 4.0 is an excellent platform for their advanced time & attendance system. Its smaller profile means no power supply is needed because it’s PoE.

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