• Standalone door access keypad
  • Keypad lock
  • IP67
  • Door access

Idesco Keypad

Idesco's standalone door access keypad is ideal if you only need a reliable control for access, lighting and CCTV control where a pin code provides enough security.

Like our durable pin readers, Idesco’s standalone door access keypad doesn’t have any vulnerable moving parts that can be easily damaged. Idesco Keypads, with the same IP67 protection class, are enhanced with a truly remarkable operating temperature range (-40 °C – +50 °C). That’s because the electronics capturing key pressing are securely cast in epoxy within the reader, protecting them from the ice blockage that traditional moving keys suffer.

  • Standalone door access keypad to control door locks, CCTV security systems or simply activate porch lights
  • Ideal economical solution for access points where a mere pin algorithm is sufficient to secure access
  • Tough, dust and moisture proof with IP67 rating and high IK durability classes, flawless down to -40 °C
  • No moving keys to collect dust or frost between them



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