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EPC RFID reader offers more than the rugged reliability and flexibility you expect from an Idesco reader; its independent polling also lets you install it faster. When combined with an opposite-facing antenna, it even lets you identify a tag's direction. Clever!

Idesco’s EPC IA combines the rugged reliability of its EPC RFID family with faster deployment and clever transponder identification. It has the same reliable detection range (out to 15 meters, depending on tag & setting) as other Idesco EPC readers.  However, when you connect it to a second, opposite-facing external antenna, it can also identify which direction a tag is moving.  Since it also polls independently, EPC IA makes an ideal choice for fast, hassle-free long-range deployment.  Tough, flexible, versatile, with a reach most active readers can’t match (and definitely not for the reader/tag price!), Idesco IA is simply the most cost-effective, rugged, reliable long-range identification reader you will find.

  • Meter for meter, the best buy: Compare prices of similar active readers & tags to EPC IA!
  • Save still more! – Passive tags don’t use batteries = MUCH less expensive, last for decades!
  • Interface option – Available in either Wiegand or  RS-232 (click next tab for specs)
  • Unmatched toughness, durability: -35°C…80°C: now used in heavy industry.
  • Flexibility – Vehicle entrance (EPC) and door entry (Mifare) on a single card? No problem!


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