• Passive UHF technology
  • EPC reader
  • Long-range identification
  • Vehicle identification
  • Logistics
  • Zone control

EPC Anticollision

Uniquely powerful Idesco EPC Anticollision can read several passive transponders simultaneously, at ranges out to 15 meters.

Idesco’s EPC Anticollision harbors a unique talent for an RFID reader. It comes with the usual rugged reliability you expect from Idesco.  It enjoys the same reliable detection range (out to 15 meters, depending on tag & setting) as its fellow long-range EPC readers. However, when EPC Anticollision EPC RFID reader encounters multiple tags it doesn’t stop or sit idle, ignoring all but the nearest.  Instead, it rapidly interrogates every tag in its range, capturing and storing the IDs of ALL OF THEM while quickly passing them up to its system.  EPC Anticollision’s oversized storage buffer means you won’t worry about an ID ‘falling through the cracks’. Tough, uniquely talented, with a reach even most active readers can’t match (and definitely not for the price!), EPC Anticollision is simply the most cost-effective, rugged, reliable long-range zone monitoring reader you will find.

  • EPC RFID reader with anticollision (can read several tags simultaneously)
  • Several read/write configuration options
  • Adjustable read range (suitable for zone control applications)
  • Read range up to 15 meters
  • EPC RFID reader operating with cost-effective and maintenance free passive UHF transponders
  • Vehicle ID and door entry with the same card

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