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Badicio 8000 AES

A long-standing disadvantage of Wiegand interfaced systems has been their vulnerability to transaction scanning. Badicio 8000 AES controller addresses that by decrypting credentials sent enciphered via RS-485 from Idesco 8 CD 2.0 AES readers - your system’s credential database doesn't notice any difference!

Badicio 8000 can be deployed in an existing Wiegand system. 8 CD 2.0 AES readers replace readers in your Wiegand system, RS-485 replaces Wiegand cabling, and new DESFire transponders replace old tags. Badicio 8000 AES supports up to four connected 8 CD 2.0 AES readers. Badicio 8000 AES comes with its own convenient configuration tool, letting you refine its interface with your system. Your system software and credential database will remain unchanged.

  • Deeply encrypts – and protects – your transaction data from transponder to controller
  • Requires no changes to your system’s credential database
  • Comes with its own convenient configuration tool, letting you refine its interface with your system
  • Can be embedded in an existing system
  • Easy RS485 address handling with configuration cards
  • Configure reader parameters and reader addresses at the same time
  • Convenient LED indicator when a reader has been addressed and is on-line





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