AESCO Module

Combines with our 8 CD 2.0 AES readers for a powerful anti skimming capability. Decrypts data for your controller, keeping you safe from the most determined skimmers.

AESCO module is a vital component of our AESCO high security solution, a powerful, active anti skimming security component for mission-vital systems. User credentials deeply encrypted then forwarded by our 8 CD 5 2.0 AES readers are decrypted back into complete transparency for your controller.  Credentials your controller receives will appear precisely as they had before an AESCO upgrade.

  • Convenience: Lets you quickly deploy a powerful, active anti skimming component in your current ID system.
  • Fast Deploying: No changes are required at the system level: credential format remains the same!
  • Interface Option: Choose from either RS-485 or Wiegand interface, whichever your controller requires.
  • Cost-effective: No other active anti skimming solution on the market is as effective (or convenient) for the cost.

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