• Wireless RFID

9 CM 2.0 Wireless

MIFARE® reader with cost effective and reliable wireless data connections

9 CM 2.0 Wireless RFID reader comes equipped with the convenient and economical GSM, GPRS and EGPRS portals to handle your ID transactions at truly problematic sites. Robustly reliable wireless mobile connections perfectly and cost-effectively solves your problem if your site is simply too remote or physically unable to accommodate cabling. In fact, you can easily deploy it in the remotest construction sites, where no communication option exists besides mobile phone network. Naturally, 9 CM 2.0 Wireless RFID reader is designed to endure the harsh environments and truly inclement weather. Additionally, after programming and entering your credentials, you’ll be able to control its wireless interface settings by SMS from literally any location in the world serviced by mobile phone. Built tough, 9 CM 2.0 Wireless RFID reader still comes with an enlarged LED to ensure visibility in bright daylight.

  • Utilizes existing mobile phone network for data transfer, so it can be installed practically anywhere
  • Cost effective wireless data transfer – no cablings required
  • Ideal for temporary installations (construction sites, remote locations with no infrastructure)
  • Wireless interface settings remotely configurable by SMS


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