• AES encryption
  • Idesco RS-485 protocol

8 CD 2.0 AES

Top security, 128-bit AES-encrypted, RS-485, rugged, low-energy, highly configurable reader. 8 CD 2.0 AES RFID reader is a component of Idesco AESCO RFID security solution.

  • Uncompromisingly Secure: 128-bit AES RFID encryption that can extend distance to host controller
  • Low Power Consumption: draws as little as 40% of the energy our competitor’s use
  • Unmatched durability, ruggedness: Protection classIP67, makes this reader tough
  • Door-frame variety: Pin code? Harsh weather? Slim dimension? You’re covered
  • Wide voltage range: Stays on-the-job through brown-outs that shuts other readers down

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