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If you need to bid on a project requiring longer identification distances you will have to choose between active vs. passive UHF technology. Active transponders require batteries that profoundly increase their price, require costly servicing yet simultaneously compromise their reliability and longevity. However, since passive transponders are powered entirely by signal energy transmitted from the reader, they can be made more reliable, long lasting and much less expensive. Admittedly, for truly long-range applications, active transponders can transact at much greater range than passive transponders, but such applications are rarely required. If a transaction range out to 10-15 meters is enough for your customer’s site, passive UHF technology will provide a much more reliable and cost-effective choice.

Find a suitable passive UHF reader for your application from Idesco’s versatile EPC readers!

Not only do the batteries of active UHF transponders make them much more expensive but their endurance plummets with colder temperatures, or rapid and wide fluctuations in temperature. Conversely, passive transponders are maintenance-free, lasting practically forever. Furthermore, since their manufacturing is simpler, allowing for total encasement against the elements they’re also MUCH less expensive. Different passive transponders are made to satisfy a wide spectrum of applications from vehicle identification to logistics and more. Take a look at Idesco’s passive transponders to find the best transponder for your UHF application!

Idesco’s versatile EPC readers provide you numerous options for automated vehicle ID, logistics and other applications requiring longer identification distances. They boast features like a dual antenna option or an adjustable reading zone, increasing the solutions you can offer to meet your customer’s needs. Naturally, Idesco’s EPC readers are designed for compliance with different international standards. Check out Idesco EPC readers to find the right reader for your bid proposal!

Download useful tutorial about installing readers and tags in vehicle automation applications.

Flexible Identification Strategy? That’s DESFire!

configurabilityMIFARE® DESFire embeds its transponders with memory structures that allow some impressively flexible identification strategies. For example, did you know you can encode access to multiple sites on a single transponder? Multi-site companies often have some employees who require access to all their sites. Even if security concerns force each site to employ different access protocols, DESFire will still let you code the transponders managers use to access to each one.

DESFire also lets you solve an opposite situation: your customer’s site segregates two different user populations that must still share a commonly used access point. Is it possible to configure your DESFire reader to serve BOTH populations simultaneously? Easily! Simply code two different polling functions into that reader. Each polling function processes credentials from one of the two populations. So, if you have two groups of users transiting the same access point, you don’t need to replace their MIFARE® transponders – just re-configure that point’s reader!

Finally, DESFire lets you flexibly deploy a powerful counter function for limiting access. You can rapidly and conveniently configure a single reader to limit a specially-programmed tag’s transit through its access point. If your customer wants to limit an intern’s access to their high security zone to one day you code a tag that stores the date and limits the number of times (e.g., 2) they can access the zone that day. Even if the intern only uses one visit they will still be denied access the next day because of the date limit.

Reader technology really matters! Read more.

Adapter Plate for convenient installations

Idesco Adapter Plate is designed to save your time and money by enabling fast installations for 8 CD 2.0 Slim Pin A readers. How? Watch our video!

Durable keypads with no moving parts

frozenreaderIdesco’s keypad readers differ markedly from most other manufacturers’ keypads in one crucial way: they don’t have any moving parts at all, which makes them very durable. That’s because a key that must move to trigger an input can also get blocked by ice or dirt, eventually breaking. Worse, they can even give moisture an access route to delicate electronics that lay behind them. Idesco keypads are different. The foil that detects keypad pressure is epoxy cast inside the reader. Idesco keypad reader housings are covered by an inexpensive and flexible numbered adhesive lens that’s easily replaced if needed. Incidentally, Idesco keypad readers are come with configurable keypad backlighting, making them easier to use in the dark.

Idesco and reliability. Check out our video!

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