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Mobile identification now allows truly convenient access – without transponders. Access rights stored in a user’s smartphone can be interrogated by our RFID access control reader. We recently launched our 8 CD 2.0 MI reader, to transact credentials in smartphones, via BLE or NFC interfaces. 8 CD 2.0 MI will soon have a mobile application that requires neither cloud nor network connection.

Mobile Lite will work via Bluetooth and offer three security levels. Security level 1, intended for indoors, will confirm access rights in a smartphone’s mobile application even when stored in a user’s pocket.  Because it will not require user actions, it makes indoor access truly convenient.

By contrast, security level 2 will require users to first click a notification icon on their smartphone’s lock screen or in the app’s main menu to be granted access.

Finally, Security level 3, the highest, will require unlocking the smartphone’s own user-defined algorithm; e.g. pin code, lock-screen pattern, password, fingerprint or face recognition. Only after completing this step will a user be allowed to open the door by clicking the notification icon in their smartphone’s main menu.

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