Why mobile access?

Mobile access is convenient: it lets employees, customers, or even temporary visitors use their phone to enter buildings or access resources. Mobile access is also very secure, using authentication as robust as electronic payment. Idesco ID makes it easier than ever to introduce mobile access. It lets system managers create, manage and delete user mobile credentials the same way they manage users' conventional access cards. You can even send mobile credentials directly from your own access control system. Idesco ID only requires Idesco mobile-compatible readers and users installing our free Idesco ID app on their phones. Once you select the most convenient Idesco ID option for distributing rights to users' phones, you're ready! Whichever option you choose, there are no license fees - you only pay for how much you use the service!

New IDs only periodically? Idesco ID Entry Level

Idesco ID Entry level is ideal if you will need to add new IDs to your system only occasionally. Your customers or employees simply install free Idesco ID app on their phone, which instantly creates their phone's mobile ID. Next, you import their ID into your system via our compact Idesco Enrollment Station. There, you can manage their mobile ID like all other system IDs - no need to integrate or change anything in your system. Entry level is a cost-effective mobile access option for small organisations.

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Distribute IDs all at once? Idesco ID File Transfer!

If you have a larger organisation, Idesco ID File Transfer is the ideal, cost-effective way to send everyone's mobile access privileges, all at once. Of course, you may order additional file transfers, whenever you require them.

Mobile IDs 24/7? Idesco ID Enterprise Level

Large organisations with higher staff turnover may have a continuous need for issuing new or temporary mobile access privileges. Idesco ID's Full Integration lets managers add and distribute credentials 24/7/365 from within their system. Like its other service options, Idesco ID merely mediates creation and registration of mobile credentials in users' phones as defined by the system manager. Idesco ID never stores user data nor does it embed itself within your access control system.

mobile access solution

Mobile access made easy? Watch Idesco ID's video!



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