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RFID product and technology information from Idesco experts

Presentation / 19.08.2016

Take advantage of our new tutorial: What is RFID technology?

If you are interested in learning more about the fundamentals of RFID technology, take a look at this presentation about RFID and its components.

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Product information / 17.11.2016

Idesco reader housings catalogue

Idesco readers are known for balancing elegant, Scandinavian RFID reader design with tough, rugged durability. Explore the links below, download Idesco RFID reader housing datasheet, and learn more about Idesco’s meticulous and varied approach to reader housing design and installation!

Download Idesco housings datasheet

Video / 17.11.2016

How tough are Idesco readers?

Durable Idesco reader housings with IP67 protection class and with the two highest durability classes of SFS-EN 62262 standard. Look what happened when we accidentally left an Idesco reader in a freezer in more than one and a half years!

Watch the video
EPC tags

Product information / 17.11.2016

Effective UHF deployments

In long range applications, the distances between UHF readers and transponders, the surrounding environment, reader placement, transponder types and their orientation to a reader, all these factors profoundly impact deployments. Learn more about their impact in vehicle identification applications.

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Product information / 19.12.2016

Passive long-range technology

Passive UHF (Ultra High Frequency) radio frequency identification technology is an ideal solution for automatic vehicle identification (AVI) and driver identification in secure transit and parking applications.

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RFID access control

Product information / 19.12.2016

RFID technology

Article about basics of RFID technology.

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Product information / 17.01.2017

Open and Closed Contactless Technologies – Opportunities and Risks in Access Control Applications

This article provides an introduction into the background of contactless technologies

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