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Join us at Skydd & Säkerhet and find the right RFID reader at Idesco's stand D 40

RFID readers for Scandinavian environments - how to choose the right one?

Skydd & Säkerhet exhibition in Malmö is approaching. If you are looking for a suitable RFID reader for your Scandinavian project in this exhibition, look no further. We are in Skydd & Säkerhet 2018 to exhibit the rugged Idesco readers designed for Scandinavian environments.

Did you know Idesco RFID readers survive the widest temperature ranges from -40 °C to +55 °C and have the highest IK ratings enduring impacts from 10 to 20 joules? With IP67 ratings, they also withstand moisture and dust better than many other readers in the market. Idesco RFID readers, manufactured in EU, are so durable you can install them outside without needing to purchase any extra, protecting or accessory cover.

What else than a reader’s suitability for your site’s temperature you should know when you are planning a reader purchase? It depends on your site’s other requirements, and, on the purpose of your application.

We’ve published a helpful and comprehensive tutorial, “Choosing the Right RFID Reader” to tackle this complexity. The tutorial identifies the crucial factors you should consider when seeking the best RFID reader to deploy; the challenges of the site environment and the technical requirements of your setting.

Please download our free guide discussing RFID readers and their features by filling a contact form below. Come also visit our stand number D 40 at Skydd & Säkerhet exhibition in Malmö, Sweden, January 24-25. Opening hours in Skydd & Säkerhet exhibition are from 9.00 to 17.00.

Take a look at the content of this free guide, downloadable for you on our site >>.

Download our free guide “Choosing the Right RFID Reader” by filling in the form below.

See you at Skydd & Säkerhet exhibition!


Download a free tutorial about RFID readers

The most rugged RFID readers for Scandinavian environments


If you are looking for an access control reader meeting the harsh weather conditions in Scandinavia, Idesco's exhibition booth is at Skydd & Säkerhet 2018 in Stockholm the right place for you to find what you want.

High security

Idesco's secure DESFire readers are OSDP v2 compliant, letting you deploy bi-directional, secured data communication between them and their host. At Skydd & Säkerhet exhibition we will also present our new secure RFID reader with display and OSDP v2 support.

Smart usability

We will also exhibit our latest reader model Quattro Pin SD with a raised keypad to improve reader's usability in dark environments or by visually impaired users. You will also find a lot of other features supporting reader's usability or convenient installation, e.g. installation plates that enhance reader's reading distance in challenging environments.

Skydd & Säkerhet exhibition is a meeting point for security professionals

Security exhibition Skydd & Säkerhet 2018 takes place in Malmö, Sweden, from 24th to 25th January. The address is Malmömässan, Mässgatan 6, 215 32 Malmö, Sweden.

Opening hours are 9.00 – 17.00 on Wednesday, 24 January, and 9.00 – 17.00 on Thursday, 25 January.

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