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Access card in phone

Keyless entry with mobile phone

Mobile access is becoming an increasingly popular keyless entry method. You can replace traditional plastic access cards or keyring fobs with mobile access credentials, or use them parallel with traditional access cards. With Idesco ID service, you can send mobile access credentials from your own system to users' phones. No cloud services, no parallel systems to manage mobile access credentials.

Digital mobile access credentials are just as secure as traditional access cards, but they are more cost-effective, because they are stored in users' mobile phones. For security managers, digital access credentials are extremely handy - very convenient also for assigning temporary access rights for visitors or maintenance personnel. Mobile access provides you new opportunities to control access and assign access rights to users.

Free mobile access app

A free mobile access app Idesco Mobile Lite operates on three security levels. Idesco Mobile Lite mobile access app works with Idesco’s mobile compatible access control readers on workplaces, hotels and any sites you need to secure with an automatic access control system. It provides three user friendly access methods you can choose from, based on the security level you need. The first of them provides convenient hands-free access, letting users enter doors without touching their phones at all, or without tapping of waving it in front of the reader. With automatic doors, security level 1 provides a convenient and hygienic, authenticated access e.g. in hospitals. On the second security level, the app shows nearby doors which the users select in the app before they can access. The third, the most secure security level requires releasing the phone’s own security locking to open the door. With fingerprint recognition, it corresponds the security level of any biometric access method.


Mobile access app, no cloud, works offline


  • Free mobile app
  • No cloud service needed
  • Easy enrollment of mobile credentials to your system
  • Works without network connection
  • Three security levels to choose from



How to deploy mobile access in your existing MIFARE DESFire access control system?

    1. Install Idesco 8 CD 2.0 MI Readers to your system and choose their security level
    2. Users download free Idesco Mobile Lite app
    3. Enroll credentials from mobile phones to your system with computer and enrollment station…
    4. ..or integrate mobile access to your system with Idesco ID service
    5. Users can now access by one of the security levels you assign to each of the readers

We now provide a test kit including reader, installation instructions and configuration cards for setting the security level. Downloading the free Idesco Mobile Lite mobile access application from Google Play or AppStore creates a mobile credential in your phone. Configure the reader with the preferred security level you want to test, and see how the reader interacts with the mobile credential in your phone.

Keyless entry on three security levels

      • Security level 1: Hands-free access – while mobile phone is in the pocket
      • Security level 2: Door is selected in the phone app prior opening it
      • Security level 3: Security locking of the phone is required for authentication (fingerprint, pin code etc.)

Contact us and book an online training

We are happy to arrange an half an hour online training to your team. We will present Idesco mobile access services that  you can integrate in your own access control system. You can send credentials from your own access control system to phones, and users don’t need to register in additional cloud services or keep passwords.

Need a fast integration to your system? Idesco ID is for you

Would you like to admister mobile credentials just as your traditional access credentials, within your existing access control system? Would you like to send mobile credentials to users’ phones directly from your own system? Idesco ID service is for you! With Idesco ID service, you can conveniently integrate mobile access in your existing access control system via easy interface You may also have an own mobile access application you would like to manage within your own access control system. With Idesco ID, you can integrate it in your existing access control system.

  1. Send and manage mobile credentials directly from your system
  2. No parallel systems or cloud services needed
  3. Convenient integration to your system with a straightforward interface
  4. Idesco ID is secure; all data transfer interfaces are encrypted
  5. Idesco ID does not store user data, any data will remain in your system only






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