Hands-free access control with small UHF reader

  • Hands-free access control
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  • UHF EPC 2.0
  • EPC Gen2

Hands-free access control: Convenient traffic flow for staff members, items and vehicles

Hands-free, touchless access with a small UHF reader

Sites with dense traffic or strict hygiene regulations need a convenient and easy touchless access solution to their site. With Idesco's small UHF access control reader, Idesco EPC 2.0 Compact, you don't need to compromise either on reading distance, reliability or convenience. It is a powerful passive UHF EPC reader providing a long reading distance packed in an extremely small size, only 126 x 85 x 36 mm. From a distance of up to four meters, Idesco EPC 2.0 Compact reads tags in employees' neck badges, in items your personnel is transferring from a place to another, or in car windshields. Idesco EPC 2.0 Compact enables smooth traffic flow on your site.

Convenient hands-free access

Idesco EPC 2.0 Compact is a small UHF RFID reader with detection range up to 4 meters. It reads access rights in your staff members' neck badges, or in tags attached in items that are constantly moved from one location to another on your site, e.g. hospital beds. Your personnel can concentrate in their daily routines without needing stop to show their badges to access control readers at doors. To protect ID data from any skimming, cloning or hacking attempts, Idesco EPC 2.0 Compact supports EPC GenV2 data transfer encryption between tags and readers. Access to your site is automatic, convenient and hygienic. Idesco EPC 2.0 Compact is so sleek and small that you can easily install it at any access point at your site. With anti-collision ability, Idesco EPC 2.0 Compact also handles access points with dense traffic, as it reads several tags in the reading area simultaneously.

Easy parking access

Idesco EPC 2.0 Compact reads car windshield tags, providing smooth access to parking lots for employees at your worksite, or for residents in housing cooperatives. Vehicle identification readers are very often installed outdoors, requiring additional reliability in harsh environments. In practice, it means resistance against moisture, dust, temperature changes and vandalism. Idesco's small UHF reader, EPC 2.0 Compact with IP67 protection class is fully protected against dust and moisture, and it operates reliably in wide temperature ranges, from -35 °C to +55 °C degrees. This robustly built UHF RFID reader is extremely durable against impacts, but if you want, you can install it with a dedicated Vandal Shield. Another feature improving this reader's reliability is that if tampered, it sends a tamper alarm to the system. This tamper alarm functionality is based on optical signal that is much more reliable than mechanical alarms usually provided by similar readers.

vehicle access with UHF EPC reader

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