Finland Finance/HR Services Centre finds touchscreens “easy to read”


The Finnish Government Shared Services Centre for Finance and HR (Palkeet) recently introduced a new, integrated time & attendance system across their branch of offices. The Timecon 22 system, supplied by system provider Niscayah (now: Stanley Security Solutions), utilizes Idesco’s Access Touch touch screen terminal for both time & attendance and access control. Palkeet are also now using the wide range of other services provided by Niscayah, harvesting the inevitable benefits that accrue from using a single service provider. Idesco’s Access Touch screen terminal is the versatile tool which also enables easy adoption of new applications and services in the future.

In all, 21 Access Touch units connect to Niscayah’s Timecon 22 system across 7 offices. Palkeet have voiced their satisfaction with the distinguished terminals. “The touch screen is very simple and user-friendly. A unified time & attendance system also helps establish coherent, common policies”, says Harri Pekkarinen, Development Manager in Palkeet. The personnel have also welcomed the new convenient touch screen terminal. “The feedback from the personnel is positive. Indeed, our employees have been particularly satisfied with the logical and simple display, which is very easy to read”, says Pekkarinen.

Idesco’s Access Touch product contains an integrated RFID reader module together with its computer processor. The resulting versatile terminal provides numerous options for processing and transferring the identification data collected by the RFID reader.  For instance, Palkeet office personnel also use the touch screen terminal for recording their time & attendance data. The employees also have remote access to the system through the Reg@Web browser, enabling them to submit time & attendance data via workstations at home. Furthermore, the system can also be configured for a wireless connection.

In short, the system provides and combines easy and flexible methods for managing both access control privileges and flextime. Palkeet personnel have access control rights to all their offices throughout office hours, but after office hours the access becomes restricted by office or assignment parameters. Personal pin codes are used for accessing offices after office hours and, within certain limits, on weekends.

The integrated RFID reader and processor in the Access Touch ensure the widest flexibility with respect to future system expansions and deploying new applications. Palkeet is currently unifying time and attendance control procedures with the aim toward minimizing any changes in the system. There are also plans to begin testing “bankable work time”, with a current task of exploring how to parse overtime and flextime with the time bank. Additionally, Palkeet is also developing the pilot version of a new reporting system for valuable information about alarms.The Finnish Government Shared Services Centre for Finance and HR (Palkeet) provides financial administration and human resource services for approximately 110 central government agencies, departments and funds, and approximately 80,000 private employees. The Service Centre has offices in Joensuu, Hämeenlinna, Kuopio, Mikkeli, Pori and Turku and uses a nationally-distributed operational model. The Centre is a significant hub for the central government group services, employing approximately 770 professionals in financial and HR operations. Additional information:

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Idesco Access Touch is an elegant and versatile capacitive touchscreen terminal with its own integrated computer and RFID reader. This unit may be confidently assigned management of wireless systems or time and attendance, payment, alarm control or info screen functions, etc. However, it truly excels in a multi-tasked setting, confidently overseeing multiple assignments. Access Touch comes loaded with Linux; Windows XP is available on request. The Idesco Access Touch possesses robust computer processor capability, enabling numerous options for customizing a wide span of solutions. Distinguishing this cutting-edge touchscreen terminal further, it possesses an integrated RFID reader unit, fully customizable to meet your requirements, as well as an abundance of ports for interfacing other components – including readers and controllers. A variety of RFID technologies are available for the reader function, from 125 kHz to 13,56 MHz technologies. The device readily connects to wireless access control and UHF readers, also offered by Idesco. The Access Touch may also be confidently assigned more robust responsibilities as a small host controller system, for Wiegand and RS232 readers and an RS485 system. Finally, Idesco’s Scandinavian sensibility lends a distinctive and elegant finish to the shock-proof glass surface with a front panel fully customizable to suit your needs. In short, Access is yet another hallmark of Scandinavian design: robust and rugged versatility matched only by elegant design.

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