Europe's most reliable MIFARE Classic reader is 8 CD 2.0

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Secure your staff, premises

Mifare Classic reader you can trust

When securing staff, property and premises, reliability is essential. That's why 8 CD 2.0 is your wisest choice for Mifare Classic. It already enjoys the world's highest combined protection and impact resistance. Deploy it outdoors, it will stay on the job. It comes with award-winning, expert Mifare support to help smooth your reader programming, transponder coding and installation.

8 CD 2.0 also supports real-time, powered, onsite reconfiguration or even later migration to DESFire by cards you can code yourself! (Proprietary brands won't let you!) Its low power means more than eco-savings; low voltage keeps it on-line amid brownouts that shut most others down. Tough, secure, open technology, cost-efficient, Idesco 8 CD 2.0 is a Mifare Classic reader you can rely on.

Learn how to select a Mifare Classic reader

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