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Europe's most reliable mifare smart card reader is 8 CD 2.0

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Secure your staff, premises

Access Control Security you can trust

When the security of your staff, property and premises is non-negotiable, your transponders' credential integrity becomes vital. That's when Idesco's Mifare smart card reader, 8 CD 2.0, is the ONLY solution to consider. Why? Its DESFire ciphers (up to 128-bit AES) ensure only you will ever read (let alone hack or clone) your transponders' credentials. 8 CD 2.0 also supports real-time, powered, onsite reconfiguration (or migration) by hand-carried config cards. Idesco lets you code config and migration cards yourself (proprietary manufacturers won't let you!).

8 CD 2.0 has the highest combined protection and impact resistance ratings of any reader in the world. Confidently deploy even a pin pad 8 CD 2.0 reader in truly harsh conditions - it will stay on the job. Indeed, its power consumption (lower than almost any other reader) doesn't just mean important eco-savings. It lowers its voltage, enabling it to stay on-line through brownouts that shut down almost every other reader. Open technology, pinnacle security, ruggedly reliable, engineered for cost-efficient longevity: Idesco 8 CD 2.0 is the Mifare smart card reader you will trust.

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  • An overview of Idesco housings you can select from.


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