MIFARE DESFire is the most secure RFID technology

  • MIFARE® DESFire deployments

Highest security open standard, with robust capacity

MIFARE DESFire is cost-effective and secure

Open MIFARE technology

Based on ISO 14443A standard. Several suppliers provide device and transponder options, you are not dependent in one supplier

Flexible configurability

Convenient and easy system updates - no need to change your device. Just update it according to your customer's needs. You have always the right reader in your stock.

In-built technology migrations

MIFARE® DESFire is future-proofed and adaptable to upcoming requirements

The most secure RFID technology

Unbreakable 128 bit AES and 3DES Native encryptions - hacking or copying of transponders is not possible. Unique security key solutions protect your customer's settings further.

High capacity

13,56 MHz smart card technology. Enough data processing and memory capacity for security, multi-applications and more.

Examples of MIFARE DESFire flexibility and possibilities

Multiple sites, one transponder:


Two different user groups, one site:

Unique, tailored access rights, limited number of entries, time-based access:



MIFARE DESFire and UID technologies have some major differences in their ability to store, process and secure data.

UID applications are based on reading the transponder’s unique serial number, UID. MIFARE DESFire can store multiple amounts of data in transponders’ memory blocks and protect it with encryption and unique security keys. MIFARE DESFire provides the most secure, practically unbreakable 128 bit encryptions.

UID transponder’s structure:


In a MIFARE DESFire EV1 transponder there are 28 applications, each containing 32 files. Encrypted data is stored in those files in these applications which can further be protected with security keys. Better memory capacity in MIFARE DESFire transponders means more space to store data. This enables more diverse functions and enhanced security.

The following example is a structure of a MIFARE DESFire EV1 transponder:




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