Convenient, hygienic access also secures gourmet quality


This case study outlines deployment of Idesco 7 C Readers in a high quality, gourmet food processing setting. Customer goals, installer’s evaluation and technology solution is described.

Assessment of Customer Requirements

Royal Euroma, the leading manufacturer of flavors and ingredients in Europe, had identified parallel goals of increasing worker safety and ensuring a hygienic environment in their Wapenweld, Netherlands facility. To achieve these goals, they decided to implement an access control system that would cover their external and internal doors. They selected Gonen Automation for the uniquely modern and convenient features of their solutions, together with Gonen’s ability to fully integrate such features into a single system.

Identification Solution

Gonen Automation was familiar with Idesco readers, having deployed them in previous projects. Gonen knew that Idesco’s readers offered superior configurability and convenience. Furthermore, recognizing the imperative for Royal Euroma’s future system updates, Gonen knew these could be accommodated easily and cost-effectively since Idesco readers wouldn’t need to be uninstalled for updating. Additionally, since Idesco readers are built around a non-proprietary open technology, MIFARE®, Gonen recognized they would seamlessly accommodate Royal Euroma’s existing population of MIFARE® transponders. Altogether, Gonen Automation chose and deployed 32 Idesco 7 C readers for Royal Euroma’s project.

Features of Installation

Gonen Automation’s system provided many important benefits for Royal Euroma. Doors could be remotely opened or closed via web interface and event reports could now be sent by SMS or e-mail. Automatic alarms can be programmed whenever a particular door remains open too long. The system’s administrator could maintain constant access to the list of individuals inside a building at any given moment. In the event of an emergency this list would be automatically reported. Additionally, the registration and guiding of guests during their visits constitutes yet another valuable feature of Gonen’s system. Gonen Automation’s web-based technology provided a variety of modules which customers may choose from according to their needs. Royal Euroma has thus far implemented Access Control, Presence Registration and the Visitors Registration modules. In the future, Royal Euroma will implement Gonen’s Time & Attendance module, also conveniently interfacing with Idesco 7 C readers and their robustly configurable support for Gonen’s Automation’s modules.

Idesco, with over 20 years of experience in pioneering RFID technology, provides secure and scalable identification solutions crafted to meet the unique demands of your business. Idesco not only offer solutions in access control, automated vehicle identification and other industrial and logistics applications. We also excel in customizing scalable and versatile solutions leveraging a full spectrum of RFID technology benefits you can integrate into deployments of your own secure, cost-effective and user-friendly identification systems. Owned by Lagercrantz Group AB and the operative management, Idesco is destined for strong international growth, providing employment to some 100 persons in its network in Europe and Asia. Headquartered in the “technology city” of Oulu, Finland, Idesco has also founded subsidiaries in the UK and in Sweden.

Gonen Automation is a supplier of state-of-the-art web-based solutions for access control, presence registration, visitor registration, time & attendance, shop-floor-control, camera observation, parking management and many more related solutions. Gonen Automation has introduced a comprehensive web-based, combined solution with modules which can be fully integrated. The system is friendly enough to serve organizations of less than 50 employees, and powerful enough to serve hundreds of thousands of employees. More than 20 years of experience in the the market resulted in features not found in most systems.

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