Europe's most reliable DESFire reader is 8 CD 2.0

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Secure your staff, premises

DESFire reader security you can trust

To secure your staff, property and premises, credential integrity is paramount. That's why Idesco's Mifare DESFire EV1 reader, 8 CD 2.0, is your ONLY solution. DESFire ciphers (up to 128-bit AES) ensure no one can read, hack or clone your transponders. This reader also supports real-time, powered, onsite reconfiguration or migration by hand-carried config cards. You can even code them yourself - proprietary brands won't let you!

8 CD 2.0 has the highest combined protection and impact resistance of any DESFire reader in the world. Deploy even with pin pad in harsh outdoors - it stays on the job. Its low power means more than eco-savings - its low voltage keeps it on-line amid brownouts that shut down most others. Open technology, pinnacle security, tough with cost-efficient longevity: Idesco 8 CD 2.0 is the Mifare DESFire reader you will trust.

Learn how to select a DESFire reader

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  • The many factors that impact the choice of RFID reader, especially if you’re considering a secure DESFire solution.
  • The many ways Idesco anticipates and designs for these factors to give you the maximum deployment freedom.

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