Mifare UID reader 7 C 2.0 provides the biggest cost savings

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Affordable MIFAREĀ® UID reader

Affordability you can depend on

When facing budget-constraints, how to ensure reliability, security? Idesco's very affordable MIFARE UID reader, 7 C 2.0, can! Its MIFARE UIDs are harder-to-clone, and you can still offer bi-level security. Deploy pin housings at perimeter points, Quattro, Slim or Basic housings for internal ones. As long as your MIFARE system supports unique pin codes, adding them further boosts security.

Idesco 7 C 2.0 also has the world's highest combined IP(67) / IK(9-10) ratings. Its low voltage both trims energy costs while keeping it on the job through brownouts that shut others down. Finally, its configurability ensures its easy integration into your MIFARE site. Tough, reliable, energy-saving, configurable - 7 C 2.0 MIFARE UID reader makes affordability an uncompromising virtue.

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