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Mifare UID reader 7 C 2.0 provides the biggest cost savings

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Affordable MIFARE® UID

Affordability you can depend on

When your proposal is budget-constrained, how do you ensure reliability? Security? Idesco's very affordable MIFARE UID reader, 7 C 2.0, can! It not only supports harder-to-clone MIFARE technologies, it lets you implement bi-level security. How? Deploy 7 C 2.0 MIFARE reader in one of its three pin housings at perimeter access points, while choosing Quattro, Slim or Basic housings for internal points. As long as your MIFARE RFID system supports unique user pin codes, adding them to your users' perimeter access protocol will significantly improve your site's MIFARE security.

7 C 2.0 is also tough, possessing the world's highest combined IP(67) and IK(9-10) ratings. As one of the lowest energy consuming readers in MIFARE access control, its low voltage not only lowers energy costs but keeps it on the job through brownouts that shut any other MIFARE card reader down. Finally, its many configurable parameters ensure its easy integration into your MIFARE® UID site. Tougher than any other reader, reliable, energy-saving, highly configurable - 7 C 2.0 MIFARE UID reader makes affordability an uncompromising virtue.

Order a demo 7 C 2.0 to test it yourself!

After you fill out and send the form below, we’ll send you links where you can download 7 C 2.0’s:

  • Datasheet, detailing its supported transponder technologies
  • An overview of available housings for the reader


In awhile, we’ll call to answer any remaining questions you have about 7 C 2.0 MIFARE UID reader. If you’re ready, we’ll even identify the configuration you prefer and get a refundable demo 7 C 2.0 fast shipped out to you!

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