7 AH also lowers energy costs!

  • proximity reader
  • EM reader
  • wiegand card reader
  • Hitag reader
  • Sokymat reader
  • HID prox reader

7AH Low-cost proximity reader

Dependable low-cost solution

If keeping costs low on a contactless installation is your only priority, Idesco's highly affordable 7 AH reader is, hands down, your best choice. It supports numerous technologies (Hitag, HID Prox, EM, Sokymat, etc.), even letting you deploy bi-level security at little additional cost. You simply install 7 AH in a pin housing at perimeter access points, then choose Quattro, Slim or Basic housings for internal access. If your system supports unique pin codes, adding them will significantly strengthen perimeter security.

7 AH is also tough, fielding the world's highest combined IP(67) and IK(9-10) ratings, so rely on it to last longer. As one of the lowest energy-consuming prox readers, it not only trims energy bills but its low voltage will keep it on the job through brownouts that shut most other readers down. Finally, its many configurable parameters ensure it faster integration into your LF site. Tougher than any other reader, reliable, energy-saving, highly configurable - 7 AH reader makes low cost a virtue.

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